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Is February 26 2024, a holiday?

Is February 26 2024, a holiday?

Last year, President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. made a choice that surprised many people in the Philippines. He decided that the 38th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution won’t be celebrated as a holiday in 2024. This decision is different from what people expected and has started a lot of discussions.

The EDSA People Power Revolution is a very important event in the history of the Philippines. It was a peaceful protest that helped end a long period of unfair rule in the country. Usually, the anniversary of this event is a time for people to remember and celebrate freedom and democracy. However, the government said that since this anniversary falls on a Sunday this year, they don’t see the need to make it a special holiday.

Some people are not happy with this decision. They think it’s important to remember such a key moment in history, no matter what day it falls on. With the anniversary coming up soon, the government hasn’t said if they will change their mind and make February 25 a holiday. There’s also talk that they might make February 26 a holiday instead. This idea is part of what the government calls “holiday economics,” where they create long weekends to encourage people to travel and spend money, like they did for Chinese New Year on February 9.

Even though the national holiday for the EDSA anniversary is not happening, there’s a special non-working day in Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay on February 26. This is to celebrate the founding anniversary of the town, based on a decision by President Marcos.

This situation has led to debates about how important historical events should be remembered. The choice not to have a national holiday for the EDSA anniversary has made some people think about the value of remembering the past and how it shapes the identity and freedom of Filipinos today.