National Achievement Test for Grade 12 Reviewer

National Achievement Test for Grade 12 Reviewer

The National Achievement Test for Grade 12, commonly known as NATG12, is a significant exit assessment under the national assessment framework of the K to 12 Basic Education Program. This test is crafted with a goal in mind: to check if students graduating from senior high school (SHS) are truly meeting the learning standards set by the SHS curriculum.

So, why is this test important? The NATG12 offers a clear picture of how well Grade 12 students are doing in their core subjects. It calculates the percentage of students achieving at least the minimum required proficiency level in key SHS areas. This not only helps in understanding the students’ academic strengths and areas for improvement but also assists educators in enhancing their teaching strategies.

Upon completion of the test, each student receives a Certificate of Rating (COR). This certificate details the student’s actual scores in each core subject area for the school year 2022-2023. It’s like a report card, but specifically for this test, showing how well you’ve done in different subjects.

What Does the NATG12 Cover?

The NATG12 is designed to evaluate a wide range of skills that are crucial for the 21st century. It spans across the core learning areas of Senior High School, which include:

  • Languages and Humanities: These areas focus on your ability to understand and use different languages as well as your understanding of human culture and history.
  • Communication: This measures your skills in effectively sharing information and ideas.
  • Mathematics and Science: From general math concepts to specific sciences like chemistry and physics, this area tests your numerical and scientific understanding.
  • Social Science and Philosophy: Here, your understanding of society, its functions, and the philosophical concepts about human existence are evaluated.

The NATG12 promotes a progressive test design, meaning the questions are arranged to assess various levels of skills, from basic to more advanced. The test is given in both English and Filipino, ensuring that students are comfortable with the language of assessment. Additionally, the format of the test is multiple-choice, which helps in standardizing the evaluation process.

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Specific Subjects Covered in the NATG12

The test includes a wide array of subjects, each targeting different sets of skills and knowledge:

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The National Achievement Test for Grade 12 students is more than just an exam; it’s a comprehensive assessment designed to understand and improve the educational outcomes of students as they conclude their senior high school journey. By covering a wide range of subjects, the NATG12 ensures that students are well-rounded and prepared for the next steps in their academic or career paths. For students and teachers alike, the NATG12 serves as a valuable tool for preparation and improvement, ensuring that the graduates of the K to 12 program are truly equipped for success.