VP Sara should resign as DepEd Sec – Solon

VP Sara should resign as DepEd Sec – Solon

A government official from Manila has asked Vice President Sara Duterte to step down from her position as the head of the Department of Education. This request was made by Joel Chua, who represents the 3rd District of Manila, on a Friday evening. He believes that it is time for Vice President Duterte to be accountable, especially as her family has been openly critical of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

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Chua argued that Vice President Duterte should resign from her role in the Department of Education to show responsibility and integrity. He expressed frustration that despite her family’s public disagreements with President Marcos, Vice President Duterte continues to enjoy her position and its benefits without taking action.

The lawmaker also criticized Vice President Duterte for not taking a clear stance. He pointed out that while her family opposes President Marcos, she remains neutral and does not show significant achievements in her role as Education Secretary. According to Chua, this situation is not fair to the country or the government.

Additionally, Chua mentioned serious concerns about the country’s security. He highlighted that the Philippines’ territory in the West Philippine Sea has been threatened by other countries’ aggressive actions, but Vice President Duterte has not addressed these challenges.

Finally, Chua criticized some of the current educational strategies, such as “catch-up Fridays,” calling them ineffective. He also noted that the continued use of online learning modules, which were not effective during the pandemic, has not improved and is harming students’ learning progress.

Overall, Representative Chua’s call for Vice President Duterte’s resignation underscores significant discontent with her performance as Education Secretary and her response to national issues.