Teachers Call for Uniformity of Policy on Class Adjustments, Learning Modalities Amid Extreme Heat

Teachers Call for Uniformity of Policy on Class Adjustments, Learning Modalities Amid Extreme Heat

As the hot weather continues, schools have stopped face-to-face classes. On April 26, a group of teachers asked for a single rule on how to adjust classes and how to teach students during this time.

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) spoke about the ongoing problems as this school year ends next month. They said finding ways to teach differently because of the hot weather has been tough. These different ways are called Alternative Delivery Modes (ADMs).

Local governments and education offices in Metro Manila and other areas have tried various ADMs. Some places have classes only two to three days a week or only in the mornings. Others still have the usual five-day classes or even classes on Saturdays.

TDC noted that while it’s okay to have different ways of managing, there should be a common set of rules, especially in Metro Manila. This area is small but has a lot of people. The heat is almost the same across different parts of Metro Manila, so the rules could be the same too.

TDC also mentioned that not all places are following the rules from the Department of Education (DepEd) properly. These rules say that teachers and staff shouldn’t have to go to school if face-to-face classes are stopped, except for very important tasks.

They want the regional director of DepEd in Metro Manila and directors in other areas to make sure everyone follows these rules to keep teachers safe.

TDC reminded everyone that these rules also apply to other tough situations like El Nino, based on more guidance from DepEd.

They are asking for a clear instruction that no teacher should have to go to school when classes are stopped, unless it’s for something very important. They also want better communication between DepEd and local governments to make sure there is a common understanding and rules on how to adjust learning methods.

Lastly, TDC believes changing the school calendar to have breaks during the hottest months, starting June 2025, will help everyone involved in education.

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By handling these issues, TDC hopes to support students, teachers, and other people in education who are confused by the different teaching methods being used.