DepEd exec denies corruption allegation

DepEd exec denies corruption allegation

In a surprising twist of events, a finance director at the Department of Education (DepEd), Ana Marie Calapit, has found herself in the midst of controversy. Calapit, previously an executive at Taguig City University (TCU), is now battling accusations from within her own agency.

The heart of the matter lies in certain DepEd employees’ attempts to tarnish Calapit’s reputation. They’ve dug up an old news article from The STAR, over ten years old, to do so. This article accused Calapit of not following orders, mistreating others, and being corrupt during her time at TCU. But Calapit is striking back, claiming these efforts are meant to discredit her because of a disagreement over funding for “private activities.”


Calapit argues that the accusations are baseless. She believes she’s caught in a political tug-of-war that dates back to her appointment at TCU. At that time, Taguig City was experiencing a transition of power from Mayor Sigfrido Tiñga to Lani Cayetano. Calapit, appointed by Cayetano, says her opposition didn’t like her because of the political changeover, making her a target in their eyes.

She clarifies that the charges of misbehavior and corruption are unfounded, especially since she hadn’t even started her role at TCU when the supposed fee collections happened. “My official appointment was in August 2010, and I assumed the TCU post days before September that year, when the enrollment and collection of fees had ended,” Calapit explained.

Furthermore, Calapit has defended herself against these old allegations, pointing out the problematic financial policies of her predecessors. Yet, despite her efforts, the shadow of these past accusations is being used against her in her current role at DepEd, painting her as an unworthy official.

The controversy remains unresolved, with The STAR seeking comments from Lani Cayetano, who has not yet responded. Calapit’s story sheds light on the complex and often murky intersection of politics and education, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals caught in the crossfire of political battles.