FREE Graduation Templates (Complete Compilation)

FREE Graduation Templates (Complete Compilation)

Graduation is a significant moment for students, marking the transition from one phase of their education to the next. It’s a time filled with joy, pride, and celebration. As teachers, part of our role is to ensure that this milestone is as memorable and seamless as possible. To aid in this endeavor, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of free graduation templates. These templates are designed to cover every aspect of the graduation ceremony and festivities, from planning to execution. All templates are easily editable and available in a variety of formats such as docs, JPEG, PNG, PPT, and Canva, allowing for easy customization to fit the specific needs of your celebration.

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FREE Graduation Templates – Ready to use

1. Top 50 Graduation Songs: Music sets the atmosphere for any event. This collection includes 50 graduation songs to match the mood of any graduation ceremony or party. Download

2. Graduation and Completion Confirmation Presentation Scripts: These scripts will guide you in formally acknowledging each student’s accomplishments during the ceremony. Download

3. Editable Covers of Recognition, Graduation, and Moving Up: Personalize the covers for certificates and programs to add an extra touch of thoughtfulness to the occasion. Download

4. Editable Ribbon Head: Create unique ribbon heads for your graduates, adding a colorful and personalized element to their graduation attire. Download

5. Editable Completion Certificates and SHS Diploma: Provide your students with beautifully customized completion certificates and senior high school diplomas to commemorate their achievements. Download

6. Editable Backdrop: Design a backdrop for graduation photos or the ceremony stage. Choose from a variety of designs to fit your school’s graduation theme. Download

7. Emcee Script: Ensure a smooth flow of the ceremony with a professionally written emcee script that covers all segments of the event. Download

8. Welcome Address Script: Kick off the graduation ceremony with a warm and welcoming address script. Download

9. Closing Remarks Script: Conclude your ceremony on a high note with inspiring closing remarks. Download

10. Editable Lei: Customize leis for the graduates, adding a festive and colorful touch to the graduation attire. Download

11. Editable Sablay Design: For celebrations in the Philippines, design your own sablay (a traditional graduation sash) with these editable templates. Download

12. Word of Gratitude Script: Help students express their thanks and appreciation with a heartfelt gratitude speech. Download

13. Valedictory Address for Elementary Script: Inspire elementary school graduates with a tailor-made valedictory address. Download

14. Valedictory Address for Senior High Script: Encourage senior high students to leave a lasting impression with a personalized valedictory speech. Download

15. Editable Medal Design: Recognize each student’s unique achievements with customizable medals, perfect for academic excellence, sports, and other accomplishments. Download

16. Editable Toga Design: Allow students to stand out on their graduation day with a unique toga design that they can personalize. Download

Note: We will add more templates soon. Please revisit this page to download additional graduation templates.

These free graduation templates are crafted with teachers in mind, simplifying the process of organizing a memorable graduation ceremony. By utilizing these resources, teachers can save time and concentrate on celebrating the achievements of their students. Graduation is a significant event in a student’s life, and with these templates, teachers can ensure it is celebrated with the pomp and circumstance it deserves. – Mark | HelplinePH