VP Sara embraces direct communication with DepEd personnel

VP Sara embraces direct communication with DepEd personnel

Vice President and Secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd), Sara Duterte, has announced a new initiative to strengthen communication within her department. Starting April 2024, Vice President Duterte will utilize a dedicated email address, [email protected], to directly engage with DepEd personnel across the country.

In a heartfelt email sent to the employees, VP Duterte expressed her enthusiasm for the new communication channel, stating, “I am happy to share with you that starting this April 2024, I’ll be using this email to connect with all of you!”

The Vice President outlined her vision for the email as a “space for positivity and educational insights,” aiming to make it a hub for celebrating the department’s achievements, exchanging useful knowledge, and fostering mutual support among staff. She emphasized her commitment to using the platform to “spark meaningful conversations” and encourage a collaborative atmosphere within the department.

“I look forward to spreading good cheer and sharing exciting innovations with all of you,” she added in her message. The closing of her email with the word “Shukran,” which means “thank you” in Arabic, reflects her appreciation and respect for the diverse cultural backgrounds represented within the department.

This initiative is part of VP Duterte’s broader efforts to modernize and enhance internal communications within the DepEd, promoting transparency and employee engagement. By directly connecting with the department’s personnel, she aims to boost morale and encourage a more inclusive and communicative culture.

The response from DepEd personnel to this new initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the Vice President’s proactive approach to leadership and communication.

As VP Duterte takes on this innovative approach to engage with her staff, it reflects a significant step towards fostering a more connected and motivated educational community in the Philippines.