The Power of Parental Support: Observations from a School Demonstration

The Power of Parental Support: Observations from a School Demonstration

During a recent visit to observe the final demonstration teaching of student interns at one of the partner schools, Ma’am Arianne G. Casiding, a College Instructor at Eastern Samar State University Salcedo Campus, witnessed something truly inspiring. Amidst a particularly hectic day for the interns and their cooperating schools, her attention was captured by a touching scene outside the demonstration room.

In the intense heat, parents patiently supported their daughter, one of them cradling a sleeping baby. Their presence, despite the challenging conditions, spoke volumes about their dedication and love.

Their quiet, kind demeanor and shy smiles spoke to their character and the deep sacrifices they were willing to make for their daughter’s future. Imagining the early mornings they must have endured to save every penny for their children’s needs moved Ma’am Arianne deeply.

Read the viral post below:

“Yesterday, I observed our student interns’ final demonstration teaching in one of our partner schools. It was a busy day for everyone especially for the interns and their cooperating schools.


I saw these parents who were outside the demo room to watch their daughter fight for her dreams. And mind you, it was HOOOOT in all parts of the province.

But they were there for their daughter even with a sleeping baby in the mother’s arms.

They were farmers I suppose, with the way they composed themselves. There is something about these types of hard working people that you recognize when you see it. You see hard toned muscles, rough hands, and scorched skin, but eyes that are humble. There was no haughtiness and the way they talked was soft. Their smiles were shy and the voice of the father was kind.

I feel honored to witness what parents can do for the dreams of their child. I imagined the early mornings that they had to get up to earn every centavo that would complete the money that their children need. I asked myself how many times these parents stopped themselves in buying that extra shirt or extra dress to sacrifice it for their child.

What they did for their child is priceless.

Then I remember what the narrative of this generation is injecting into the society that “Parents are to be blamed if the children are suffering poverty and that they (children) should not be burdened with the obligation to care for the parents.”

Come to think of it. This narrative is so common with these celebrities who grew up in “already rich” families.

As if all families started out as billionaires. 😅

Dear children of this generation, parents are human beings who want a better life and it just so happens that their idea of that kind of life is with you in it–a child.

Forgive them for wanting you.
(Say this slowly.)
Forgive them for wanting you.

Forgive them for what they can’t afford to give you. Forgive them for they were struggling too. Forgive them for believing that life would be better because they gave you a chance to give life to you. Forgive them if you weren’t meant to be here, but someone fought for you anyway.

You know what? Our parents tried.

I hope we learn the lesson of their past and not live the life that you had when you disliked them. I hope that you win in life without castigating their past decisions that you do not have control over.

No family is perfect.
Our parents tried.

Don’t believe these influencers who are already rich. They are trying to disband the primitive rule of survival that human beings survive in packs.

Do life in a pack or die alone.

Parents, forgive us for we did not know what you had to go through to love us. I hope we can make life better for you and I hope you live long enough to experience our victories.

Dear students, fight for your dreams. Fight for your parents. Fight for your family. It’s not so bad of a reason to go on, don’t you think?”

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This experience led her to reflect on the often-critical societal views towards parents in difficult circumstances. It reminded her of the profound, often unspoken sacrifices parents make to secure their children’s futures. This moment stands as a powerful testament to the lengths parents will go to support their children’s dreams, challenging the notion that struggles reflect failure rather than resilience and enduring love.