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A teacher’s prayer this pandemic

A Teacher’s Prayer this Pandemic is for teachers all over the world who need the power of prayer. Teachers need more motivation and inspiration nowadays that we are facing the pandemic. Here is a short prayer dedicated to all teachers amidst this pandemic.


Lord Almighty father, I kneel down before You today to give you thanks and praise and to ask for blessings;
Thank you for the wonderful gift of life You bestowed upon us your people;
Thank you for the chance You give us everyday as we open our eyes and see your creations;
Lord, this is my humble prayer as we are still struggling with the rise of this pandemic;

This pandemic is making a toll in our lives especially that of our students Lord;
Our country is still unable to stand right now because of this turmoil;
This virus affected our student’s lives very well and we are uncertain of our tomorrow;
Put your hands and bless every single student that is struggling Lord;
Put your hands on their heads that they may understand some parts of the lessons;
Along with these, bless also the teachers like me that we can extend our patience;
We need extra strength and courage to stand up for our learners despite this pandemic;
We need you to give us extra wisdom in making our modules the best for our learners;
Help us to be joyful in all that we do;

Lord Jesus, our students need us during these times of tests;
Give us teachers good health of mind and body to perform our duties for the sake of our students;
Let your wisdom and power be with us always that we cans survive this challenge altogether;
This is a teacher’s prayer that wishes with a sincere heart;
I ask this all in your name oh Lord, the King of Kings in heaven and on earth for all eternity, Amen. – Clea | Helpline PH