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Why DepEd Should Provide Laptops to Teachers

Why DepEd Should Provide Laptops to Teachers

The Department of Education (DepEd) has a big job: to make sure students learn well and get ready for the future. But there’s a problem: many teachers don’t have laptops. Imagine asking police officers to work without their essential tools, like their guns. It’s the same with teachers. They need laptops to teach effectively in today’s world.

Technology in the Classroom

Using laptops in teaching is really important today. They let teachers make lessons more interesting and helpful by using videos, online activities, and different kinds of software. This makes learning more fun and helps students understand new ideas better.

How Students Benefit

When teachers have laptops, it’s good for students too. Lessons can be more than just reading from a book. You can learn through videos, interactive websites, and other online resources. This way, everyone can find a way to learn that fits them best, making tough topics easier to understand.

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Teachers’ Financial Situation

Many teachers have a tight budget. They have bills to pay, maybe loans, and buying a laptop can be too expensive. If DepEd gave teachers laptops, it would be a big help. It’s like how police departments make sure their officers have all the gear they need, so they don’t have to pay for it themselves.


Giving laptops to teachers is very important. It helps them teach better, makes learning more interesting for students, and is fair because teachers shouldn’t have to buy their own work tools. If DepEd provides laptops, it means all students can get a better education, no matter where they are or what school they go to. – Mark | Helpline PH