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DOLE’s latest stand on teachers’ salary increase is devastating

DOLE’s latest stand on teachers’ salary increase is devastating

DOLE or the Department of Labor and Employment is making a buzz in the society of teachers recently. In the latest statement of VP Sarah Duterte, she mentioned that DOLE has a stand on the salary increase issue.


She reiterated that teachers have one last tranche of increase left this 2023. It was the last trance from the increase of PRRD which is due next year. She said that PBBM already committed on giving the teachers the increase for 2023. (We aren’t sure if she is talking about the last tranche or another increase from PBMM). The problem is that they are not sure if there will be increase in the next years to come.

According to VP Sarah, DOLE is a lot concerned on this matter. DOLE observed the disparity of the increase in the public schools from the private. If the government will push through with it, there will be undue pressure in the private schools. It will force mass migration of teachers from the private schools to the public school. This will force closure of the private schools. According to VP Sarah, DOLE said to focus on the “non-wage” benefits of her teachers.

This issue gained mix reactions from teachers all over the country. The real efforts of our new officials are amazing since teachers see them doing great. Yet, with the current news, teachers are disappointed with DOLE. Some teachers don’t get the essence of DOLE in comparing the public school and private.

The private schools earn more than enough from the tuition fees and miscellaneous. Private schools are businesses so it is obvious that they earn much. In this case, they should also give their teachers the salary worth their efforts. With the increase in tuition fees they have how come there is pressure?

In any sense, mass migration will depend on the available item in DepEd. No matter how much they wanted to transfer in DepEd, still they can’t if items are not available. Simple as that.

Why is DOLE not thinking that if the salaries of the teachers are too low, more teachers will resign. The best they can do is to migrate to another country for a greener pasture. More teachers see that the best solution of being underpaid is to go abroad. Is it only the point of view of DOLE or another clickbait for teachers not to expect an increase? Well, it is for you to decide. Avril | Helpline PH

7 thoughts on “DOLE’s latest stand on teachers’ salary increase is devastating”

  1. I think DOLe is not connected with wat is the decision of public schol to private schol,public schol is govern by private institution were as public schol is a government government agency, my questions is wat is the
    role of DOlE in implementing salary increase in public schol.

  2. In a more statistical and economic sense… Increasing salary won’t really do much… With the continuous increase o the cost of living… The continuous underrated inflation in our country… And the continuous milking of the middle classes… No amount of salary increase in any sector would really mean anything…

  3. Mass migration of teachers to public isnot that as easy to happen.There are thousands of applicants to be hired if ever.
    Sabihin niyo na protector kayo ng mga private skuls na kumikita ng malaki.
    Nangyari nga po sa military hindi nag increase salary ng security guard.Hindi naman nawalan ng security guards kasi marami pang pilipino ang gusto at pipiliing magtrabaho sa pinas kahit maliit sweldo

  4. Hiring guidelines for teachers in depEd is headache. Vp Sarah plss. Take actions to this matters. If I will be a student I would not get education course. After 4 yrs. Of schooling, then if u applied in depEd,need experience, LET points, EPT, skill,etc…
    Evryone has a skill, ability,because we studied that for 4yrs. I dont know what kind of hiring guidelines in depEd..

  5. Mass migration? Why sure ba makapag item cla pag mag migrate? Dami pa ngang di nakapasok na nagwork sa ibang agency? Isa pa Diba may ranking? Hihihi.

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