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A teachers’ point of view on COVID vaccine

A teachers’ point of view on COVID vaccine

Covid vaccines are everywhere now that comes in different brands (Sinovac, Astrazenica, etc.). The purpose of which is to have herd immunity in the country to fight against the deadly virus. Front liners were the first ones that gets vaccinated and so followed by categories.

As a teacher, I am now in the verge of balancing the situation for myself as I am part of people with commodities. I saw my friends and colleagues get vaccinated and they had their own stories to tell. Their bodies have different reactions to the Covid vaccines. Some of them were nervous but still pushed through with the vaccination.

As for me, I don’t want to jump earlier. I want to observe first even if it means that I will have to pay for the Covid vaccine soon. Who cares? I know my body more than anybody else so I know when to get vaccinated. I am happy for my friends who were brave enough to do it. As I can see, they are okay with their first doses.

These vaccines are to protect us from the virus and it will make our body get immune. Whether we like it or not, Covid will live forever like any other viruses we had in the past decades. All we need to do is to cope up and get immune so we need the vaccines. Yet, there are people like me who get scared. No one knows if these vaccines will do their job hundred percent. There are also people who died of the reactions from it.

We should never judge people who get scared from the virus because like me, we value our lives. I get scared for me and my family as well. I get nervous by the thought of me getting vaccinated but I am overcoming it.

I am grateful for the government for protecting its people. As for myself, I have the right to decide when to get vaccinated. The only thing that is for sure is that I will get the vaccine but it will be soon. I need to listen to my body first before jumping into the bridge. Regret always comes last so better be careful. – Clea | Helpline PH