Former University Instructor Apologizes for Using Student’s Thesis

Former University Instructor Apologizes for Using Student’s Thesis

A former teacher from the University of Southern Mindanao has issued a public apology after admitting to using a thesis written by one of his former students without giving proper credit. The teacher, who previously taught at the university, came forward with the apology after recognizing the oversight of not crediting the student, a graduate of AB English, as the rightful owner of the work.

The incident came to light when a formal complaint was filed, prompting the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Southern Mindanao to become aware of the issue. The department expressed regret over the incident and emphasized their commitment to academic integrity.

Following the complaint, the former teacher agreed to post a public apology on the university’s Facebook page as a condition set by the student to avoid further legal actions. The university also stated that both parties had reached an acceptable settlement agreement.

The case highlights the importance of acknowledging and respecting the intellectual property of individuals within academic institutions. It serves as a reminder of the ethical responsibilities educators hold towards their students.

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This incident serves as a critical lesson on the significance of ethical conduct in the educational sphere. The act of acknowledging one’s mistakes and seeking forgiveness is vital in fostering a transparent and just academic environment. This scenario not only underscores the importance of giving credit where it is due but also shows the power of resolution through communication and understanding between affected parties. It’s essential for students and educators alike to remember the value of integrity and respect in all forms of academic work.