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More teachers will be saved from debt if 10k salary increase be pushed through

More teachers will be saved from debt if 10k salary increase be pushed through

Teachers are still upholding the 10K salary increase as promised by the President. Yes, this is the reality of the teachers at present. They are still hoping that this increase will push through.

The realization of this 10K salary increase will help teachers big time. Here are some major help this increase will give our teachers:

  • Help teachers cope up with the debts and loans they currently have.
  • Give extra amount for the various necessities for their families.
  • Teachers will no longer fight their ways for promotion as they have enough salary.
  • Teachers will no longer complain about the amount of their salary compared to others.
  • This is the justifiable amount of increase that teachers should have.

Those are only some major benefits of the 10K salary increase if it will come into reality. As we all know, the teachers are loaded with works but their salary is not enough to compensate them. Even the offer time they extended for their work is nothing. For the past decades, it is their major plea to have an increase across the board. Yet, no one has ever heard their pleas.

Chances for this increase are thin but teachers are still positive that it will push through. It has been so long that teacher’s dream of this to become real.

A 10K salary increase for teachers is a heaven sent gift if it will become true. Teachers are pleading for it long before from the different administrations. If other uniformed personnel in the government can have a raise, why can’t teachers? 

The Department of Education should put an end to teacher’s dilemma and help them instead. A little push from the department may help the realization of this long time promise. One time across the board increase will change the lives of thousands of teachers. The teachers who are willing to sacrifice to make sure their students are in good hands. – Clea |Helpline PH