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There is hope for the PH education system – Marcos

There is hope for the PH education system

In his inaugural speech, Marcos said the curriculum must focus on basic learning.

He said that there is a need to enhance the curriculum to prepare the youth for better jobs.

“What we teach in our schools, the materials used, must be rethought. I am not talking about history,” he said.

“I am talking about the basics, the sciences, sharpening theoretical aptitude and imparting vocational skills,” he added.

“Once we had an education system that prepared coming generations for more and better jobs. There is hope for a comeback. Vice President and soon-to-be Secretary of Education will fit that mission to a T,” the President said.

Duterte-Carpio earlier confirmed that Marcos wanted to review the K to 12 curriculum.

1 thought on “There is hope for the PH education system – Marcos”

  1. Yes:
    1. Health and Values can be merged. The new subject title should be HEALTH AND WELLNESS. By definition a healthy person should be healthy, emotionally, mentally, physically and SOCIALLY. Values education should not confined to inter and intrapersonal relationships of students but to their mental and emotional health as well. Without the latter, it is most unlikely that a child can have good inter and intrapersonal relationships with others.
    2. Use English as medium of instruction. a. Biligualism is not harmful to learners. b. English is the world’s international language c. it is easier for Filipinos to relate with the world if it keeps its facility of the English language d. Most science and technology language are in the English language. Our Filipino language is not yet that develop that we can have Tagalog equivalence of science and technology vocabulary. e. Our general sense of logic should now keep pace with the English sense of logic as it is the logic admissible internationally.

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