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DepEd Should Consider Reopening of Classes by 2021

DepEd Should Consider Reopening of Classes by 2021

Department of Education’s latest announcement regarding reopening of classes states that classes are scheduled to resume by August 24, 2020. Some felt neutral with their decision but the majority felt upset for the reason that until now there is still no vaccine and no medicine that could cure the illness caused by the deadly virus 100 percent. Education Secretary Leonor Briones also stressed that the classes can be done with physical attendance in school or online depending on the decision of IATF ( Inter-Agency Task Force).

It was announced last April that IATF will have the last say regarding the physical or virtual presence of students when classes resume again. The announcement drew a negative reaction from parents who are worried about the safety of their children. Multiple countries have already joined the race in finding the cure and vaccine for Covid19 although there is a recent development in the form of Remdesivir that is reported to be the best treatment for Covid19 for the time being. But let’s be clear that Remdesivir does not cure the Covid19 patients 100 % because it can only speed up the recovery by 31 % so it does not give a guarantee for a full recovery. There are a lot of ongoing tests for vaccines and medicine that we can only hope to be 100% accurate to solve the Covid19 problem and the truth of the matter is we cannot turn a blind eye on the possibility that all of us might get infected if we loosen our restriction. God forbid that our children will be put to danger when we expose them to school that conducts a mass gathering because whether we like it or not we do not know who’s carrying or not the virus whenever we enter a facility full of people like students and teachers.

On a recent report by, one week after France let 1 million students go back to class, there are 70 new coronavirus cases found in school. This is indeed alarming and parents must be very scared for their child’s safety. These incidents cannot be ignored and even Cambridge took a giant step to prioritize the safety of their students. Cambridge Univesity announced that all their lectures shall be done virtually until the summer of 2021. This is a very good move from them although this may not be 100 % implemented in our schools since not all students have access to the internet then perhaps we should consider other solutions like homeschooling using old books that are still relevant. We can always teach our students about planting and growing their food so that we can raise future farmers that will help us solve the food shortage. There will always be ways for us to teach our children to survive and become disciplined without going to school. It’s up to the parents with the help of Dep Ed to make their child’s vacant time productive.

While it is true that Education is vital for almost every aspect of our lives we cannot also deny that Education will be useless for a lifeless person. Education is everywhere. Theoretical education can be access online if necessary and there are always matters that can be learned outside from the four corners of the classroom which are also vital for our survival. Education and school can wait but the safety of our children can’t. We can always delay our gratification to give importance to things that matter and our one precious life surpasses the significance of education and money because we won’t be needing them anymore if we’re six feet underground. – Karie | Helpline PH

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