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DepEd’s plan to remove the administrative tasks of teachers are good solution so that they can focus more in teaching

DepEd’s plan to remove the administrative tasks of teachers are good solution so that they can focus more in teaching

Plans to remove the administrative tasks are welcome news for all public school teachers, who already have a lot on their plates between preparing lessons for their students and doing some administrative work. Remove the administrative tasks makes teachers relieve their stress in school. Administrative tasks and teaching students are both stressful tasks. Therefore, many teachers committed suicide or died of serious illness.

In the DepEd plans to remove the administrative tasks, it is clearly stated that teachers have specific work to do. Teachers are flexible, but do not abuse them because they are also human. Because they are paid monthly, they have to work everything. Administrative tasks or non-teaching tasks are not the work of the teachers; they are the work of the principals and non-teaching personnel who work in the office.  

Teachers’ work is to teach, preparing their lessons, making lesson plans, preparing summative and formative tests, making quizzes and periodicals, preparing report cards and grade sheets, checking students’ papers, recording scores of students, making instructional materials and visual aids, computing students’ grades, following up with parents when students have irregular attendance or problems, attending related training/seminars, and participating in contests with students relevant to the major or subject areas handled.

Before, DepEd did not see the stress of teachers. One of the problems of teachers is the amount of paperwork, and DepEd already saw the exhausted work of teachers. The teachers waste their time making reports instead of preparing lessons for the students. But now, when Vice President Sara Duterte is the new secretary in DepEd, all the work for teachers that was invisible before has become visible at present. Teachers need the hearts of Vice President Sara Duterte and President Bongbong Marcos to give teachers a little bit of ease.

A DepEd spokesperson said that it is now the purpose of the Marcos and Duterte administrations to find a solution to this existing problem among public school teachers. Under the leadership of our DepEd Secretary, Vice President Inday Sara Duterte, she said, remove the administrative tasks from teachers and give them to non-teaching personnel of DepEd.

DepEd’s goal is for teachers to focus only on teaching, and there will be people who will be hired or placed there to work on the paperwork. Public school admin tasks are always done by the public school teachers, such as SBM, reports online and offline, purchase and canvass of school items as BAC committee, RPMS, and any admin tasks that teachers are delegated to work on and accomplish.

The plans to remove the administrative tasks are good news for all public school teachers because that way they can focus on their preparations for teaching and will be effective when their focus is on their function to teach, and with this they can provide quality education to the youth.

The Department of Education plans to remove the administrative tasks of teachers to upskill the teaching standards in the country. During the Joint Press Conference of the Office of the Vice President and DepEd, Atty. Micahel T. Poa, DepED Spokesperson, said that the Department plans to ease off the administrative tasks of teachers so they can focus more on teaching. He also mentioned that the agency plans to hire more non-teaching staff to cover the said administrative tasks.

“Meron pong plano and ating department headed by our Vice-President, Sara Duterte, na ease off yung mga administrative tasks ng mga teachers.” “Kasi napapansin na bukod sa pagtuturo, meron din silang mga admin tasks,” said Atty. Poa.

This latest news to remove the administrative tasks is the most awaited moment for all public school teachers because they are already choked with these kinds of administrative tasks. Hiring non-teaching personnel is a great idea to relieve the work of teachers because the teachers can no longer focus on their activities to teach the children. If this is implemented, public school teachers will have a quality education. And the principals should also perform their functions as principals. They should not delegate their work to their teachers.

With this, they only receive a monthly salary, and then their work is left to their teachers. DepEd should organize the functions and responsibilities of the non-teaching personnel so that they know what to do. Maybe even if there are non-teaching personnel being hired but they do not know what they will do, they won’t work based on their functions. These non-teaching personnel who will be hired must be oriented and trained for their roles. The failure to orient them means the teachers who do the work again. – Doki | Helpline PH

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