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Annual Medical Laboratory Check-up for Teachers should be Free

Annual Medical Laboratory Check-up for Teachers should be Free

Teachers do have medical laboratory check-up every year to complete their clearance. This is a routine for all the teachers in DepEd at the end of the school year. The medical laboratory check-up is good but teachers find it a burden for them. The laboratory tests are many and it costs an amount of money from their own pockets.

Completing the medical laboratory check-up every year means extra expense for these teachers. Aside from the fact that their salary is not enough for a month’s duration, they need to spend for their labs. It will be very helpful for the teachers if DepEd will give this for free for all teachers out there.

Here are some sentiments of teachers on this matter:

  • Teachers think that completing the clearance form every year is unnecessary. Why is it needed to clear when you are still in the service? Clearance forms should only be for those who will retire or resign from the service. For active teachers, they think clearance is only a hassle.
  • Teachers have to submit their laboratory result upon completing the clearance form. Though the laboratory tests may be of advantage sometimes, it is still of more hassle. Teachers have to find money for the laboratory test since this is not free.
  • Teachers will be more grateful if DepEd will give free medical check-up for teachers. The thing is that instead, teachers have to worry on their own. DepEd should have affiliated laboratories for this alone. It is also one way of helping their teachers become healthy.

The hassle and the burden of getting the check-up are real. Teachers who are away from the city must wake up early to get the laboratory done. It will be a blessing if these check-ups will be for free soon. In this case, teachers don’t need to worry about where and when to get the money to spend for it. – Avril | Helpline PH