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What do teachers miss the most in face to face learning

What do teachers miss the most in face to face learning

It has been almost 11 months already since this pandemic has taken a toll on our lives worldwide. Life is tough and full of struggles and people are lonely.

The educational set-up too is even affected. Students are to stay at home to avoid contamination of the virus. Even then, the teachers did not stop their responsibility in giving education. Modular learning is the new normal way of education.

Teachers report to school but their students are not present. Sometimes, they miss the times of face to face learning.

Here are the things teachers miss the most during face to face learning:

1. The presence of their students alone

Teachers are more happy with the presence of their students. even though most of the time students are naughty.

2. The smiles on the faces of the students

The innocent faces of the students who are eager to go to school to learn makes a difference.

3. The vibe the students give to their teachers

There is this vibe that only students can give to their teacher.

4. The lessons they prepare for their students

Everyday teachers prepare their classroom and their lessons only for their students. Teachers are looking forward to the reactions of their students during discussions.

5. The interaction between teachers and students

Sometimes, the interaction inside the classroom is what makes learning fun. The students who will raise their hands eager to answer the questions. The drills and the activities are very informative.

6. The bonding moments they share

The bonding moments the teachers and their students through games and oral communication. The laughter of every student inside the classroom that echoes in the walls. It is priceless and will always remain in the memories.

7. The school to school activities in every month

The school activities like parades, acquaintance party and more. That activity marks the happiness of the students. The fact that a school can only be a school if there are students in it.

Those things above are true to all the teachers nationwide. The fact that this pandemic snatched away our simple lives, we must remain compose. Teachers are missing the good old ways but they are patient. They knew that after these struggles, we will again live our lives in the normal way we once were. – Clea | Helpline PH