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Teachers are preparing for the face to face classes but they are using their own money for it

Teachers are preparing for the face to face classes but they are using their own money for it

Teachers are busy preparing for the face to face classes yet they are using their own money for it. Teachers are now confused about the reasons why this is still on them.

The pilot face to face classes are opening its doors to the public schools in some areas of the country. This is the reason why teachers in all the province of the country re busy preparing. The news about this face to face classes may be a positive one but the preparation is difficult. 

Teachers can’t control their emotions on the social media groups. Their complain is on the topic of using their own hard earned money to prepare their classrooms.

This is not a new thing in the public schools. Before the pandemic hits us, teachers in our country are already doing this thing. It is unclear where the real problem comes from. Whether it be from the DepEd central office or the different divisions, this problem exist. 

Teachers are now reacting as the face to face class is fast approaching. The pandemic stayed for at least two years and counting, so classrooms may not be in condition. Huge school preparations are necessary to keep up with the incoming face to face classes.

However, teachers are the ones who are doing the preparations. In the worst cases they are using their money for it. The money that should suppose go  to their families are gone.

Their plea is that DepEd may hear them on this not-new issue. If only budget and allocations are there, they wouldn’t have to rant. If the division offices in every district in the provinces are fast in their budget if there is any. 

There is a major problem in the distribution of work from DepEd to its constituents. We can’t pinpoint the actual origin of the problem that has long been there. If only the higher officials would consider a thorough visitation and survey. If only they were true and dedicated to their positions. If only they knew the real situations of the teachers. – Alec | Helpline PH