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Dr. Clarita Carlos will probably be the next DepEd secretary

Dr. Clarita Carlos will probably be the next DepEd secretary

“Learning can be done even under a papaya tree.” – Dr. Clarita Carlos, 2022 SMNI Presidential Debate

Dr. Clarita Carlos was one of the panelists in the the latest SMNI Presidential Debate. She left an impression when she asked the candidates about the topic in education. Many teachers praised Dr. Carlos for being brave in addressing this important points. 

According to Dr. Clarita Carlos, the government should invest on the teachers. She pointed out that learning will still continue even under any circumstances.

She said that the basis of learning are these two factors: 

  1. mastery of the subject matter by the teacher; and
  2. fair level of motivation with the students and their interaction

So, if there are changes in the policies, it means to pay attention and invest on the teacher.

After this went viral online, Dr. Clarita Carlos received praises from the educators. Very well said. It may be the time where the government should accept changes and be more mindful to education. Many years ago, and up until now our education system is still in its lowest. Now, a light shines and teachers find something in Dr. Carlos. Many people tagged Dr. Carlos as the next DepEd secretary. This is because people found strength in her and potential where she may be the “change”. 

This SMNI Presidential Debate may be the instrument, an eye opener for all officials on top. The government should keep a constant look to the education sector as possible. Dr. Carlos may have been the instrument that will address the long cry of the teachers in DepEd. She is the only panelist who pinpoints the importance of the teachers and the role of education. 

If you have watched the video (via YouTube) you can see crystal clear the intention of this professor. What she stated in the video is pure truth and the reality of our education at present. 

So what do you thinks, will Dr. Clarita Carlos be the next DepEd secretary or not?

6 thoughts on “Dr. Clarita Carlos will probably be the next DepEd secretary”

  1. Dr..Carlos has a capability to be a DepEd secretary because she really emphasize the importance of education to produce brilliant human resources.

  2. The next DepEd Secretary must have a clinical eye that can see the all-encompassing welfare of teachers not only professionally but most importantly their economic well-being!..

  3. I really love her because most OF the teachers now a days are financially hard up. We cannot get out of loans. We are not protected by some of our superiors regarding our rights and privileges as a teacher. We are in a lowest salary among government employees. There are some politicians even now campaign period promise us but we never hope again of their promises. We are already a victim of hoping their promises. Their promises are not fulfilled.

  4. Her expertise is not in the field of education. Dr. Briones is from UP too and her specialization is in public administration. The next Dep Ed secretary should have an expertise in the field.

  5. There are more qualified and expert undersecretaries in DeoEd who are not vocal as Dr. Carlos. They are CESOs who implements K-12 curriculum and The Universal Quality Education. After all the next President, the CSC and the deped community holds the card.

  6. Can teach even under a papaya tree???? Hellooo!!!! 2022 na, world war 2 pa thinking nyo??? Why not invest on infra such as world class classrooms

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