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Intriguing: Shouldn’t “Brigada Eskwela” be an action of astounding voluntarism?

Intriguing: Shouldn’t “Brigada Eskwela” be an action of astounding voluntarism?

Brigada Eskwela is ongoing in the public school nationwide. This activity calls to all teachers, parents and stakeholders of the school. This activity is not new to us and in fact is already a part of our school opening activities.

Teachers, parents, the local government and the entire community partake in this activity. The clear goal of Brigada Eskwela is to prepare the physical aspect of the school. The maintenance and repairs from minor to medium is a must. The school needs the hand of the volunteers to save at all cost. This goal is to make sure the opening of classes will be smooth. In this manner the learners will have a conducive environment for learning.

The collaboration of the teachers, parents, LGU and the entire community is voluntary. Meaning to say, all those who will render their precious time and efforts will do it in a voluntary manner. Voluntarism is the key factor in this activity. 

As far as Brigada Eskwela is concern, many observations are intriguing enough to see. There are schools that went far enough from “voluntarism” during their Brigada Eskwela. If we talk about voluntarism, it means people are eager to offer their help no matter what. The school needs the help of these volunteers in order to school funds. It is not the case in some schools though.

Instead of saving a little through Brigada Eskwela, some schools spend a lot for the snacks. No offense but shouldn’t voluntarism be the spirit? If the school aims to save a little, then volunteers will find a way to spare their own stomach for the snacks. Aside from that, Brigada Eskwela does not need to render 8 hours whole day for the activity. Two hours is the least and a half-day at most the longest.

As for the volunteers, it is your choice to serve without asking for anything. If the school needs your hand, then be it. Brigada Eskwela is a pure voluntary act to help the school’s transition. Offering free snacks to volunteers is a good act but make sure you don’t risk your school budget because of that.Alec | Helpline PH