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Becoming a principal in the public school is not that fulfilling

Becoming a principal in the public school is not that fulfilling

Many teachers in the public schools aim to get a higher position over the past years. For them, any promotion is a great milestone in their career. Many teachers are trying to compete with one another over a single promotion. Others even tend to have disputes over each other in order to get that position they aim for.

In connection with the promotions, principal position is in demand. A teacher is eligible to apply for a principal position if he/she graduates a doctorate degree. In the past years, it is not that strict with regards to the educational background, unlike now.

In a real setting, there is only one reason why many wanted this position. It is of course for the salary and none others. If you become a principal, your salary will also increase. It is a hypocrite act if we deny that the reason we work hard is for us to earn much money. The only thing that will make us survive in this crazy world is that if we have money to buy what we need.

I say that being a principal is not that fulfilling. I am not a principal, I am only a simple teacher in a plain public school but I saw what it’s like to fight for your way up. My colleagues are fighting over the higher positions in our school. This is not only the issue in my school but the other public schools as well. Friends became rivals and even enemies over a position. Master teachers are also fighting and backbiting each other over a mere promotion.

In silence, I reflected to myself. I came to realize that being a principal is not that fulfilling. Why? If you become a principal, you have all ears and eyes on you. May you be a good or a bad leader, it doesn’t matter, there are always issues and concerns that will always haunt you. Your friends will turn your enemies and they will backbite you when you turn your back. Your salary which you think is high cannot even compensate the stress you will feel. The amount you earn as a principal is nearer the amount the Master Teachers are receiving. You actually think that you have a high salary but it is not. Your salary is not even half of those professors and deans in the state universities.

My realization may not be all true with yours. Well, what can I say? We have different perspectives in life. It is only that I am looking at the real scenario of this position. In this life, whether you are an average earner or a high-salary worker still if you have more wants, you will need more. As for me, positions are not important. Your bond with your colleagues and your attitude at work is what matters most. That is the reason why some teachers prefer to stay low rather than aim the highest point. – Clea | Helpline PH

10 thoughts on “Becoming a principal in the public school is not that fulfilling”

  1. Definitely correct, in my 15 years in the service I’ve been doing the best that I can in this field. I attended countless seminars, coached of different contests in schools, division and regional level, coodinatorships, mentoring with my co-teachers and even extending help in the reports. I wasn’t promoted (and will never be) but the satisfaction that brought me each day when I got on bed was the realization that I was able to fulfill my duty and had a well spent day with the salary that the government had paid for me. I was able to sleep in a comfortable shelter,we had a not- so sumptuous food on the table (but nutritious), worn clothes regardless of its brands, and mostly living life in its simpliest means. However, what matters in life is minimizing our level of satisfaction. We are called satisfied if we expected not that much. I maybe called by others as hopeless in this field but this is my way comforting my self why I remain in this low key position.At the end of the day, I have the ” Great I am” who gives me peace, integrity, service commitment, and above all a happy family.

  2. If that is your thinking, then you don’t deserve to be one. To become a principal takes a great responsibility. If you don’t want to take responsibility as an educational leader, you could never be one. You seem to be pessimistic. While it is true that relationship matters, you can still be promoted without sacrificing relationships. Look at the brighter side of life. It just seems you are engulfed with frustrations considering your experiences. You can work hard being yourself and get promoted without stepping on others, you deserve to be. If all teachers have the same perspectives, what would happen to the schools without school heads?

  3. It all depends in you as a person, how you render work, how you deal with colleagues,subordinates and superiors, how you respond to situations and circumstances,and how you uphold human values in your workplace.Not all principals are good neither all principals are bad.As I have witnessed, how a person behaves no matter what his position or career in life is, is his signature as a person and is not because of his position.Life is what one makes of himself.It is only temporary, positions are irrelevant and are not bases for the kind of person you are.I am a public school principal, I am materially poor but I am contended and happy as a person. I respect your position, but I do not necessarily agree with your issues and concerns.

  4. I believe,all of us deserved to have a break in life. I always give respects to anyone’s opinion. I am a school head for over 15 years and presently holding principal position. Being a principal is a call, a devotion of one’s who believe and has will to take responsibility given. I did not apply or intend to this position but I was chosen to become one.Of course,you are working and wanted to be promoted because you want to proved that you deserved to that position aside from aiming to get higher salary.As teachers, we dont have to lock our mind to any pessimisticity. as long as you are working well and give what is due to your job. that’s matter most..


    This is my opinion and this is not a reflection of any individual or company. We work for salary to buy what we need, what we want and to give help to the people (including your family) and institutions we wanted also to extend our help. Yes, you must be responsible in every way and face all the challenges. Make a lot of sacrifices, but one thing I wouldn’t able to give in is also to give up entirely my service to the church when you became that busy. And first and foremost the kind of people that you need to be with. I think you wouldn’t be able to find a true friend when you’re up there when everybody seems to be a hypocrite. You’ll be on your own and everybody will be your competitor. You need to fight if you wouldn’t want to be devoured alive.

  6. To be promoted to a higher position is a gift. It is a reward of hard work, committment and perseverance. You can be promoted if your superior sees these qualities in you of course other than your qualifications. It is attitude that matters most. Degrees are just secondary. You may have a lot of degrees but do not possess the right attitude for the organization then maybe promotion will be hard to reach for you.
    We all know that Deped is a highly structural organization so we have to perform our duties that abide with memoranda, order, RAs, etc. Being creative in the performance of duties and responsibilities is one way to attact promotion. There are a lot of ways to show creativity in the workplace. If you are an aspirant you know what to do.

  7. very true. but for as long as you are contented, you are happy. the most important is we are always happy what we are doing.

  8. Some aimed to be a principal purposely to have power and authority. Their purpose is to have a chance to become magician specially in money matters. They are expert in fiscal management where they could do what they want. Unlike some they are committed to serve and address the needs of their teachers and clientele as well.

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