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DepEd can use senior citizens to be volunteer teachers – NCSC

DepEd can use senior citizens to be volunteer teachers – NCSC

The National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC) said that the Department of Education (DepEd) can use qualified senior citizens to become volunteer instructors to address scarcity of teacher.

According to NCSC Chairman Franklin Quijano, a “significant proportion of senior citizens are knowledgeable enough to assist teachers.” 

“Our elderly parents and now, senior citizens are our first teachers… they are the best educators, supreme motivators and the greatest assets of our nation and they’re just there waiting to be tapped,” Quijano said.

Seniors can also take part in the DepEd’s Brigada Eskwela (BE)  to help in the preparation for the start of the school year.

“Sara Duterte promised to evaluate [the plan’s] prominent aspects for prospective inclusion into DepEd’s existing program[s],” Quijano said.

2 thoughts on “DepEd can use senior citizens to be volunteer teachers – NCSC”

  1. I’m sixty six years old, retired but still physically strong to teach and share what I know about the English language. Prior to my retirement I had worked as a broadcaster, feature writer, and a part time English instructor. At present I keep myself busy writing essays, articles, comments, and poetry. Majority of my works, especially poetry, essays, and comments have been published online in several websites both local and international.
    In as much as I have an extensive working knowledge of English, I deem it proper on my part to be a volunteer teacher. At this time when most students in the elementary, secondary, and even in college are handicapped in using English we need good English teachers who can teach and impart to the students the fundamentals of the English language. We need to teach the students not only how to read but also to speak and write English correctly and effectively. And this is where DepEd must focus its attention. We can ill afford to just ignore the students’ weakness in communicating in English. To address this problem it’s a must to tap the services of seniors like me who are willing to educate/teach the students basic English grammar for without how can we expect students to construct even simple, correct English sentence. At present I’m staying here in Tuguegarao City. I have my Facebook account that you can visit and probably read all my literary works and contributions posted.

  2. I am a retired Master Teacher I and I can assure that I can be of help to our teachers nowadays. I taught for almost 45 years, ( Kinder, Grade I and Grade 5. I am willing to teach online but with incentive or compensation, not a volunteer because I have my grandchildren who need my financially. Thank you so much for your understanding.

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