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Teachers acquire loans to prepare classrooms

Teachers acquire loans to prepare classrooms

Teacher Dignity Coalition chair Benjo Basas cited reports of teachers acquiring loans to buy paint, iron sheets and glass panes to prepare their classrooms.

“That is the problem of our teachers. While they are sincere in volunteering, they are being taken advantage of,” Basas said.

He said teachers are also soliciting funds from private donors to buy the materials needed for in-person classes.

The Department of Education (DepEd) acknowledged the teachers’ effort and advised them to coordinate with their school heads for reimbursement.

“We confirm that there are teachers who are doing beyond the regular work for beautifying, enhancing and putting more things in the classroom,” Annalyn Sevilla, DepEd undersecretary for finance, said.

“We are thankful to our teachers [for] their creativity and resourcefulness, but we don’t want them to be abused as well,” Sevilla said.

3 thoughts on “Teachers acquire loans to prepare classrooms”

  1. Ma. Lenny A. Pon- an

    strongly agree. School heads could not reimburse expenses of teachers because materials they bought for their classroom was not found / included in the Statement of budget. We really find it hard on how to reimburse teachers expenses. We are praying and looking forward for the fast solution to this problem on reimbursement of teachers.

  2. I absolutely agree to this.. I’m almost 20yrs in service and until this time I’m suffering for this kind of situation. In times of school and classroom evaluation. We have to make a ways in order to make sure that our classroom will be furnished and conducive to learning.. Our salary is not enough to provide for our family’s need, but then we exert our efforts especially in terms of financial, that’s why we sometimes applied loans used for our classroom improvements..

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