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DepEd to focus on non-financial benefits, teachers’ pay has already increased in 2019

DepEd to focus on non-financial benefits, teachers’ pay has already increased in 2019

The Department of Education will prioritize studying more non-financial benefits to teachers, its spokesperson Michael Poa said.

Poa made a correction on previous statement that the DepEd will be looking into allowances for non-basic wage benefits that they can give to teachers amid the calls for salary increase.

“I have to apologize and correct myself with that. Allowances are always a possibility in non-wage benefits,” he said.

“But in terms of the budget, I mean, this is still an ongoing study so I don’t want to preempt the results, but we are also, I think, the focus now is looking at non-financial benefits,” he added.

One of the most requested benefits is health insurance, according to Poa.

Poa added that DepEd is also looking into trainings for promotion as one of the possible non-financial benefits for teachers. 

He said that since 2019, teachers’ pay has already increased. Currently, the entry level salary is P23,000 and expected to increase to P27,000 by 2023, he added.

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4 thoughts on “DepEd to focus on non-financial benefits, teachers’ pay has already increased in 2019”

  1. My greetings of respect to you madam VP Honorable Sarah Duterte.I understand what DepEd would prioritized and I am amenable on that ok lang po kung may increase ok kung wala ok lang po..My concern madam VP please help us not to eradicate the Head Teacher Position..I am a Head Teacher and the Career Progression Law stipulates the eradication of Head Teacher Position..please po tulungan mo kami pls let the HT position continue for we have our functions and responsibilities .Please kung pwede ma addendum to the law na magkaroon ng Career Progression ang Head Teacher po.

    Very respectfully yours,
    HT2 Aurora National High School
    Aurora Zamboanga del Sur

  2. I do respect our VP / DepEd Secretary, but please, your honor, please take into consideration increasing the salary of the teachers. We are the only profession under salary grade 11. Yes there was a LITTLE increase way back 2019, but we are experiencing inflation right now, do you think the little increase can suffice the teachers needs?
    Seminars/Trainings is not what teachers need the most po, even without seminars we continue learning on our own, especially that online learning is more accessible nowadays. What we need is financial support in order for us to lessen the depression and burdens we are facing because of the problems that rooted from not having enough salary so that we can focus on our work.
    Like students, teachers also need motivation. An increase in salary is what motivates teachers the most. We are aiming for quality education here in our country, that’s why we should have a better compensation for our teachers first. Please hear the voice of our unsung heroes. 🙏

    1. no, you’re not. i spoke with the head of classification of DBM, way back in 2012. She said that all 4-year college course graduates are given grade 11. Actually you are not grade 11 anymore because GMA, way back 2009-2010 issued an executive order giving you a 2-grade upgrade. so, that means entry level teachers are being given grade 13 and was institutionalized with the salary standardization laws passed in gma and aquino’s time. you have already been prioritized.

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