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Lawmaker wants distance incentive allowance for teachers

Lawmaker wants distance incentive allowance for teachers

Zambales 1st District Representative Jefferson Khonghun filed a measure that aims to give a distance incentive allowance for public school teachers assigned to places where he or she is not a resident.

House Bill 3322 or the proposed Distance Incentive Allowance for Public School Teachers of 2022, Khonghun wants an additional P2,000 monthly incentive allowance for teachers.

Meanwhile, teacher assigned to a city or municipality in another province will be given an additional P4,000. 

 “The difficulty of having to immerse with the community therein, of having to leave the comforts of their own homes, and of having to risk their health and safety, warrants the provision of an additional allowance in order for them to continue on this mobile profession,” Khonghun said.

5 thoughts on “Lawmaker wants distance incentive allowance for teachers”

  1. Very bad idea. Inaccuracy.. . Deped shall regulates allowance due of accurate computation or expenditures reciepts or manifestation… and that by the approval of lawmakers for this (program additional budget)more accurate strategy helping teachers in allowances they need for deploying them in neighbor mun, city, island, remote areas,..

    Unregulated bills of republic by govoftaxations cane lead budgets or funds into legal graft and corruptions, allowances can be tricked because it hasnt instituted, cant be audit by coa either or audit of mayor, gov or who ever soon. ..

    We shall be get more accurate for saving other hause budget bill to be more productive and for wider distributions… .further reaching ganun.

    That idea has a good intension. But as of now.. it has no good railings for that proposed bill resolutions… . Nice try.. better lick next time.. try and try untill we die,(mu motto even for myself), practice makes perfect in the eye of majority, no body is perfect.. when a baby cant dtand help them so they can even do running without teaching how to run.. and that is beacuse of their motivations and enjoyment of what they are doing…- dont forget that

    1. everything is always under the roof of graft and corruption, none can deny it, but as for me who spends 150 more or less pesos daily for travel and passing two municipalities before reaching my work station, any help to lessen my burden of travel expenses is a big welcome..

  2. such a great relief to non nonhomebased teacher.they can bring ther family with them for having that should be materialized very soon.

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