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Vice President Sara Duterte Advises Against Punishing Teacher Over TikTok Incident

Vice President Sara Duterte Advises Against Punishing Teacher Over TikTok Incident

Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte has taken a stand on a situation that blends the worlds of education and social media. A teacher, who was criticized for scolding students during a live stream on TikTok, will not face any penalties. This decision came about during Duterte’s conversation in Cambodia, shedding light on her empathy towards educators and her unique approach to handling such incidents.

Duterte suggested that the teacher, caught in a moment of anger on a widely viewed platform, should consider taking a break from teaching. The advice was clear: pause and only return to teaching when calm. This guidance reflects a deeper understanding of the challenges teachers might face and the importance of maintaining a positive environment for students’ learning.

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“Sabi ko sa regional office natin, walang parusa para sa guro. Paalala lang sa kanya na kapag galit siya, kailangan mag-pause muna. Itigil muna ang klase at bumalik na lang kapag hindi na galit,” Duterte explained. This statement highlights a progressive approach to resolving conflicts in the educational sphere, emphasizing restorative practices over punitive measures.

The decision not to impose penalties on the teacher has sparked conversations about the balance between maintaining discipline and recognizing the human aspect of teaching. It also brings to the forefront the impact of social media on educational practices and the pressures it can add to educators’ responsibilities. Vice President Duterte’s handling of the situation underscores the need for understanding and flexibility in the education sector, advocating for a supportive environment that benefits both teachers and students alike.