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Sara Duterte will face very difficult time at DepEd – analyst

Sara Duterte will face very difficult time at DepEd – analyst

Vice president-elect Sara Duterte may have a challenging time heading the Department of Education (DepEd)  because she will deal with education crisis, an analyst said.

I think she will really have a very difficult time because we are currently in the midst of an education crisis. Aside from the enduring problem and the backlogs in the facilities in public schools, we also have a learning problem,” political scientist Cleve Arguelles, who teaches at De La Salle University said.

He said that Sara will also have to address students performing poorly in math, science and reading comprehension

“The DepEd is also really a huge bureaucracy and she will be the leapfrogging from the position of Davao City Mayor…She will be running a really huge department with 100% visible presence in all parts of the Philippines so I think that will be a test of her leadership,” he said.

Duterte’s former spokesperson Liloan, Cebu Mayor Christina Frasco said last month that is qualified to lead DepEd, citing her “vast executive experience and keen knowledge of the challenges faced by schools, students, and parents, having been Chairperson of the Local School Board for many years”.

“Beyond theoretical ideas of managing the education sector…VP-elect Sara will certainly bring to the DepEd actual performance and solution-oriented leadership necessary to uplift the quality of education in our country,” Frasco added.

2 thoughts on “Sara Duterte will face very difficult time at DepEd – analyst”

  1. Sana maging maganda at matagumpay ngaung school year na mareresolbahan ung problma sa mga students ,maganda po ung nang yre assessment at sana po bago mg pasukan magkaroon muna ng reading /numeracy assessment hndi lang sa elementary lalo nasa jjunior hs .. Parang tulad ng dati during enrollment may interview and reading muna para malaman kung fast reader na ung bata.
    May mga junior hs ngayon na slow reader pa din at mahina sa comprehension lalo nsa basic math .

  2. di kakayanin kesyo she is just coming from davao city just like what they said to pprd before? so entitled as if he has established his credibility as a political scientist!

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