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Lawmaker Criticizes Inclusion of ‘Same-Sex Union’ in DepEd’s Proposed Curriculum

Lawmaker Criticizes Inclusion of ‘Same-Sex Union’ in DepEd’s Proposed Curriculum

On Tuesday, CIBAC Party-list Representative Bro. Eddie Villanueva voiced his concerns regarding the Department of Education’s (DepEd) decision to introduce and promote topics such as gender fluidity, same-sex partnerships, and same-sex marriages in the draft curriculum for students from Kindergarten to Grade 10.

Villanueva expressed his astonishment at discovering the inclusion of such topics in the basic education curriculum, noting that it could have a negative impact on the students’ minds. He stated that this not only goes against religious principles but is also in direct violation of the country’s Constitution. Specifically, he cited Section 13, Article II, which mandates the State to uphold the moral and spiritual well-being of young people, arguing that introducing these topics may not align with that mandate.

DepEd recently shared the revised curriculum draft for Kindergarten to Grade 10 students on its Facebook page, inviting the public and other stakeholders to review and provide feedback until May 3. The proposed curriculum for the Araling Panlipunan 10 subject includes lessons on various gender identities and the significance and advantages of same-sex unions.

Villanueva found it disconcerting that there might be proponents of gender ideology within DepEd who are pushing for the integration of these topics into the education system. He urged all stakeholders to remain vigilant and take this issue seriously, as it could have profound implications on the moral development of the nation’s youth.

Furthermore, Villanueva mentioned plans to request an inquiry into this matter.