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Briones speaks up on controversial overpriced laptop purchase

Briones speaks up on controversial overpriced laptop purchase

 Former Education Secretary Leonor Briones made a statement on the alleged overpriced laptop procurement during her term.

 Briones said that she was made aware on the issue during her term as Secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd). 

COA said that DepEd bought over 39,000 “pricey” laptops for P58,300 each.

Briones defended that “neither I nor the Department of Education had any hand in the procurement process.”

“It was the DBM-PS that directly had full control over the procurement, including pricing and item specifications,” Briones said.

Briones added that the only involvement she had was as a signatory in the Memorandum of Agreement between the DBM-PS and the DepEd where the DBM-PS was the “sole procuring entity in an end-to-end capacity.”

“DepEd was only the end-user, and had no hand in the canvassing, bidding, and actual procurement whatsoever,” Briones said

“To those posting online unjustly implicating me in any way with anomalies, I say this: Hindi ako nagtatago at hindi ako kailangan hanapin. Kung may sasabihin kayo na ako ay korap, maling- mali kayo diyan,” she added.

Briones is also “coordinating with my lawyers should I decide to take legal action.”

 “I will be vindicated of any wrongdoing,” she said.

8 thoughts on “Briones speaks up on controversial overpriced laptop purchase”

  1. Are DEPED and DBM not responsible?Does COA has no knowledge who is responsible about the procurement?This should be investigated thoroughly since we are the model of honesty to our students to remove this stain of our department.

  2. Really? Ano pong nangyari sa corruption complaint namin sa inyong tanggapan last year pa tungkol sa procurement manipulation ng director at bac members ng deped regional office 2 sa self learning module na meron na nga notice of disallowance ang coa pro wala pang action ang deped CO? Na whitewash na ba? Porke matataas ang posisyon ng mga involve dito?

  3. Ridiculous! Dep Ed must have given specifications and price needed. If not then they must have been able to reject them.
    You cannot absolve yourself of blame without implying your incompetence.

  4. As end user u will be the one who will give the specifications of what you need and your technical people will check the said laptops during delivery. Checking the specifications and price if indeed it match. Napakasimple po masyadong elementary ang procedure na yan.

  5. I was once a representative of the AFP in the PS BAC in the procurement of equipment and supplies before the procurement law (9184) was fully implemented in the AFP. It is the end user that provides the specification of the items, the cost of each item, and quantity to be procured. We have representatives in the technical working group and even in the acceptance committee when the item will be delivered. I suggest this questionable procurement should be investigated and file cases against the culprits. During my time, I had high regard and respect to the integrity of the PSBAC members. At one time, they did not accept the request of one department to procure an item worth P1B through govt to govt procurement when they sensed that it will result to anomalous transaction. This decision resulted for them to be suspended for about 6 months. The righteous will always prevail against evil in the end.

  6. On my opinion lang po, in purchasing process item from psdbm is first to purchase if not available thats the time the we made canvass for shopping at other store with philgeps.
    Baka naman (coa) pweding pacheck din po yong price of other item na kinukuha sa psdbm. As far as i remember being Purchaser in sometime ago, hindi ka mka hindi sa mga item mahal man o mura basta pagassis sa iyo purchaser, lagyan lang ng tatak “not available ”
    So yong available regardless of the price i aacept npo nmin yan. Dahil maraming nka antay. At tinanghali na sa kaabang ng released.

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