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Lawmaker presses DepEd to provide academic ease to teachers

Lawmaker presses DepEd to provide academic ease to teachers

Act Teachers Partylist Rep. France Castro encouraged the Department of Education to give a genuine academic ease and provide adequate support to teachers and students for their mental health exams amid blended learning.

Castro commended DepEd’s mental health helpline but said that giving enough support and academic ease should also be a priority to help students and teachers manage stress.

“Many students and teachers experience added stress with the demands of blended distance learning. Families of many of our pupils are affected by the rising unemployment and underemployment in the country,” Castro said.

“Many families barely have enough for their basic everyday needs due to the worsening economic crisis experienced by our fellow Filipinos. Students do not only have to think about their lessons every day, but also how they can help their parents provide food on the table,” she added.

Castro stressed that teachers are worried by the demands of education especially on the preparation for face-to-face classes.

“Mahalagang hakbang ang magkaroon ng helpline ang DepEd para sa mga mag-aaral at guro na nakararanas ng mga mental health problems ngunit hindi dapat titigil sa isang helpline ang tugon ng DepEd sa lumalalang krisis na nararanasan ng maraming guro at mag-aaral dahil sa paghihirap na kanilang dinaranas sa ilalim ng palpak na pagtugon ng administrasyong Duterte sa pandemiya,” Castro added.

“Napakahalagang hakbang din na dapat bigyang halaga ng DepEd ang pagbibigay ng sapat na suporta sa mag-aaral at guro para sa pagpapatuloy ng kanilang pagtuturo at pag-aaral sa kabila ng patuloy na pagragasa ng pandemiya,” she said.

5 thoughts on “Lawmaker presses DepEd to provide academic ease to teachers”

  1. School heads are the primary source of stress among teachers. Reports are always needed ASAP. Even in the wee hours we were messaged by our
    Schoo head asking for some reports. They will send message in midnight then asked the teachers to submit early in the morning.

    1. Mga stressors! How ironic na ganyan ang trato ng mga yan sa mga guro akla kung hindi sila dumaan sa t1! Sarap supalpalin kung pweede!

    2. Am also experienxing stress. My husband and I arw both teachers and we have no time to our children and to each other. All report are ASAP. We are mandated to make video lessons and RBI
      Radio Based Instruction, aside from printing modules, making our own modules, contexualizing modules, making learning activity sheet, doing home visits, doing remedials, submitting interventions. I
      Poor teachers.

  2. Sorry to state this premise but the term, “ACADEMIC EASE” was not explained well by the DepEd officials before it was implemented. The parents thought of it as “ACADEMIC BREAK” so that their children could pass their answered modules to their corresponding teachers whether it be advisers or subject teachers. Then they expected the teachers to give the learners that much needed “REMEDIAL LESSONS” in reading when the learners did not go online. This has caused additional stress for both educators and learners. I hope that this issue would be resolved before another one could be implemented again.

  3. Papapel na naman tong si Castro kasi election na at kailangan na naman nya ng boto ng mga teachers para sa partilyst nya. Kung palpak kamo ang ginawa ng administrasyong duterte sa pagtugon sa pandemya. Bakit ngayon ka lang nagsalita at nagreklamo. At wala ka ring binigay na suhestiyon kung ano ang dapat gawin. Gusto mo lang mag.ingay at makisempatiya kuno, para lang maiboto muli sa congreso. Matagal na kaming naghihirap sa sitwasyon namin at ngayon ka pa nagpakita. sa totoo lang, kayong Act Teachers Partilyst ang PALPAK. Kayo dapat ang inaasahan namin upang gumawa ng aksiyon kasi kayo ang gumagawa ng batas para sa edukasyon at yan lang ang focus nyo diba? Bakit ninyo isisisi palagi kay Duterte ang kakulangan ninyo. Presidente si Duterte at buong bansa ang kanyang inaaksyonan, kayo edukasyon lang kaya kayo ang PALPAK. Kasi wala kayong nagawa para sa amin. Manahimik ka kung wala ka ring magandang paraan na imumungkahi.

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