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Good news! Proportional Vacation Pay Computation Confirms Additional Pay for Teachers: The Prize for Teachers’ Sacrifices

Good news! Proportional Vacation Pay Computation Confirms Additional Pay for Teachers: The Prize for Teachers’ Sacrifices

Proportional vacation pay is also a great help for teachers. Teachers this time need help because they are in a crisis. Their salaries are not enough due to the increase in prices. Their remaining salaries are only good for one week. Did the teachers survive if all the commodities continued to increase?

 The government should also see the hard work and difficulties of teachers. Proportional vacation pay needs to be given by the DepEd. Many believe that teachers have many incentives received every year. Yes, teachers receive many incentives, but only a small amount. Unlike other employees, sometimes they received incentives, but the amount was much more than they needed.

The teachers were unable to work on any sidelines because all their time is in school. Aside from being exhausted in school, they are also exhausted thinking about where to get money for their daily needs. Some teachers could not get loans because their net pay is only 5,000.00. So, proportional vacation pay should be granted and given to the teachers.

Can 5,000 sustain their daily needs for one month? This is the reality for teachers. They couldn’t save because their salaries could be very small. They tried to budget for it, but all the items were increasing.

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers reiterated its call for additional pay for work rendered by teachers beyond June 24, 2022. This is after the Department of Education released memorandum No. 77, s. 2022, which showed the computation of teachers’ proportional vacation pay for School Year 2021–2022.

The DepEd Proportional Vacation Pay (PVP) computation confirms that they consider June 24 as the teachers’ last day of work, and teachers should have been officially on break starting June 25, 2022. What does the agency think now about what they did to let teachers report until July 2, and there are regions where teachers work until July 9, or July 15, polo y servicios?

Our teachers have always heeded the call of duty in return. The DepEd should do its duty of properly compensating services actually rendered, “Vladimer Quetua, ACT’s chairperson, said.”The DepED was deceived in counting that the work day of teachers is only until June 24 when the last day of graduation rites is scheduled until July 2 in its official calendar.” 

In Region III, IV-A, VII, and XI, many DepED divisions have extended classes and scheduled graduation rites until mid-July. Teachers should be given additional compensation for extra days of work in accordance with the law, Quetua added.

He said that Section 14 of the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers clearly states that public school teachers should be granted additional compensation for services rendered outside of their regular duties and work schedule.

If funds are not available, service credits of 1.25 days per one day of extra work should be given in lieu of monetary compensation. However, DepEd did not grant any for the excess workdays that teachers were made to work last school year, “he said.

“You did not give the teachers a break because after the extended work until the first or second week of July, their paperwork continued until enrollment began on July 25, and work went straight to Brigada Eskwela until classes opened on August 22. We are teachers, not slaves, and we hope that the DepEd develops a conscience,” Quetua added.

DepEd should feel the teachers’ sacrifices. They are not robots, so allow them to rest or relax after a long day at work. Self-learning modules are too much on the part of teachers compared to face-to-face classes. Modules are the easiest way, but teachers have difficulty reaching out to students who did not respond to the modules. Bond paper, ink, and printer were the teachers’ expenses.

So, proportional vacation pay should be given to teachers. They need additional benefits for them to survive. Teachers are still hoping that all the proposed benefits will be given by the government and DepEd for this year 2022 before the year ends. – Doki | Helpline PH