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It has come to my attention when a co-teacher sent a link to this certain video in YouTube showing a vlogger/youtuber (I guess still in his teens) telling in his tiktok entry this “Para matapos na yung module mo, sunugin mo tapos  ibigay mo yung abo sa teacher mo!” While saying those words, he still has the guts to dance and smile all throughout his video.

Looking at the video, I am very much disappointed by his actions. What is now happening to our youth? I am very much concerned about how our youth today behaved themselves (I am not generalizing the youth of today’s generation since there is also the youth of today that are dependent and wiser). Are they the product of their teacher’s genuine effort in molding them or are they the product of the educational system that somehow showcased that something must not be right all along?

For the vlogger, you are an influencer, and somehow because your video got viral, it doesn’t mean that all the viewers were happy seeing your videos. You are mocking your teachers because of your actions. Don’t you know that your teachers did all their best in making sure that all of the learners receive their modules in time without any delay? Do you know what the sacrifices your teachers have to undergo just to make sure all of you got your own copies of the lessons needed? The sleepless nights of printing the modules, the money we spent for buying the bond papers, and the ink, some others have already resort to availing an installment to buy printers just to make sure the modules are printed on the date before it will be given? How dare you mock and insult your teachers by doing your viral video! You are a vlogger and should also be an influencer but with your actions, I don’t think those youth that is true to themselves will follow you.

For the youth who may read this article, please brace yourselves and try to contemplate and balance every single detail of your actions. Know that these difficulties you are facing right now are the result of the pandemic and you are not the only affected individuals because all of us are. I hope you will not be drawn by the path of evil that lures you because of these videos trying to pull everything down. This module thing is not forever, remember that. If you can’t withstand the trials and struggles brought by this pandemic, then how are you be able to move forward in your own lives? Remember this; the road less traveled is the way to your success. If you always want everything goes in your way, then how will you cope up if trials will persist? It is better to always try the harder way because, by this, you will become stronger. Your modules are just the tiny stones along your path and no matter how hard it is to walk through it, still, you have to try. In life, there is always a pain so that you will become stronger.

The modules are not a problem in today’s scenario. It is the toxic social media and the influencer minds that somehow trick those who are gullible. The modules are not that hard either, they are just like homework given to you to make something out of your time. Your teachers never pressure you to really make your answer perfect. It’s up to you to manage everything so stop blaming teachers and modules in this situation. Instead, extend your hands and reach out to your teachers or elders so you can be guided.

You may be happy seeing the modules lighted up and fade into ashes just like what the vlogger did in his channel but remember this always, shame to you and your actions because it seemed you never learned anything at all. If you don’t respect the modules, then you are not respecting your teachers. – Clea | Helpline PH