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DepEd to Parents: don’t buy gadgets, learning materials will be provided

Don’t buy gadgets, learning materials will be provided

Department of Education needs to continue the delivery of education despite the crisis that the world faces. With the maximum effort through the Learning Continuity Plan, DepEd finds alternative ways to reach out to students without the need to go to school. Some of the alternatives are using radios and TVs, online learning, and through the distribution of printed materials.

Some parents got anxious about this change and they feel the need to buy gadgets to be used by their kids while having online learning at home.

But DepEd would like to assure parents that there is no need to buy for the said gadgets like laptops, desktop computers, or smartphones because DepEd will provide and distribute learning materials to students and deliver it at home.

“Even if there’s no gadget or Internet, we are preparing printed learning modules for the learners and we will find ways so these can be delivered to their respective homes,” DepEd Undersecretary and Spokesperson Atty. Nepomuceno Malaluan said.

“For the students to use the printed modules, DepEd said that the teachers can distribute modules at the start of the month and the parents will guide learners as they read through the module. They can also consult with teachers via SMS. During the week, parents will take note of which strategies worked and what support they still need for modular learning,” DepEd explained.

Another alternative mode of learning is through the online platform “DepEd Commons”.

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