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Gatchalian, suggests “Purok workshop” between teachers and students at least once a week

Purok workshop

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian suggests conducting purok workshops or community workshops for students who struggled the most on distance learning.

On the virtual media forum on National Press Club, Gatchalian said community workshops should be allowed to have an interaction between teachers and students.

He further explained that in this manner teachers can explain to students the lessons especially those erroneous printout modules.

But strict health protocols like social distancing, wearing of facemask, and limit the number of students to 10 should be followed and observed if this will be implemented.

Gatchalian added that the current situation in the country becomes better. Some restaurants and gyms are allowed now to resume its operation up to 50 to 70 percent.

According to him, the teacher should be the one to go to the community and at least once a week.

The senator also noticed erroneous modules and called it “unacceptable” since modules have undergone 5 months of quality assurance in every school division.

A thorough evaluation should be done before printing modules because students might be studying false information.

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