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DepEd: Pre-Opening School Activities to Start As Early As August 3

On May 5, DepEd Secretary Briones announced the formal opening of classes which is set on August 24 and expected to end on April 30 next year. 

But, DepEd also emphasized that there will be pre-opening activities that will be conducted on August 3.

From August 3 to 15, students will be given assignments to explore foundational topics, as well as receive orientation on the utilization of alternative modes of education and the use of learner materials.

The following week, from August 17 to 22, homeroom activities focusing on mental health and psychosocial activities will be conducted.

There will also be discussions on the characteristics and effects of the pandemic; orientation on precautionary and preventive measures such as water, sanitation and hygiene, and other topics related to COVID-19.

There will also be a general assembly of stakeholders before the school opening to orient and generate proposals from parents, guardians, students, teachers and other stakeholders regarding the upcoming academic year.

These pre-opening activities shall be conducted through the most appropriate mechanism as determined by the school, such as teleconferencing or face-to-face activity. 

DepEd reminds that these activities are counted in the 203 class days that will establish the upcoming school year.