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An Order Allowing the Conduct of In-Person Activities in School

An Order Allowing the Conduct of In-Person Activities in School

In line with the commitment of the Department of Education (DepEd) to deliver quality basic education in a safe learning environment to learners, this Order is issued for the guidance of learners, personnel, parents, guardians, and other stakeholders relative to the conduct of in-person school.

For the safe resumption and reintroduction of the conduct of in-person school activities, consistent with the public health standards of the government in light of COVID-19, the following guidelines shall be observed:

a. Curricular and co-curricular activities that involve the In-person gathering of a number of participants hall be allowed. Curricular activities shall be conducted during the academic quarter to ensure that learners can seamlessly connect and integrate learning within and across learning areas. On the other hand, co-curricular activities shall be conducted after the quarterly examinations to avoid disruption of classes.

b. Item 33 of DepEd Order No. 084, s. 2022 dated July 11, 2022, provides that: The conduct of extra-curricular activities shall be strictly prohibited. However, it must be clarified that only those extra- curricular activities held during class hours are prohibited. The conduct of in-person extra-curricular activities shall be allowed, provided that the activities are conducted after class hours.

Public Schools must ensure the strict observance of these guidelines during the conduct of in-person curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

Private schools, community learning centers, as well as state/local universities and colleges (SUCs/LUCs) may choose to adopt the provisions of this DO as basis in the conduct of in-person curricular, co-curricular, and extra- curricular activities.

Read DepEd Order No. 03, s. 2023 for more details.