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How Effective is the Online Platform “DepEd Commons” to Teachers and Students

How Effective is the Online Platform “DepEd Commons” to Teachers and Students

School classes were compromise due to COVID-19 pandemic. As an alternative the Department of Education created an online platform to aid teachers and students in their way of communication, this online platform is called “Deped Commons”. Through this online platform, teacher can continue to deliver education to students even if they are at home and students can continue to learn by accessing different learning materials available in the platform.

Photo credit: Smart Parenting

According to Deped Secretary Briones, this Deped Commons is an alternative way to continue education even in times of crisis. whether it may be a calamity, disaster, emergency, quarantine, or even war.

However, the usage of this online platform is optional, due to the reality that not everyone has an access to internet especially those who are located on the rural area.

As Undersecretary Pascua said,  that this online classes are “given as an option for those who have access to internet and equipment such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.”

“Those who do not have access to these requirements can opt for paper-based homework and are not required to visit internet cafés for health security, they are closed anyway in quarantined areas,” he added.