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DepEd told to solve old problems to safely resume f2f classes

DepEd told to solve old problems to safely resume f2f classes

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) urged the Department of Education to address its unresolved “old normal” problems to ensure safety upon resumption of face-to-face classes.

“How are we going to achieve a better normal education if old problems remain unsolved? Mga guro pa rin ang nag-abono sa repairs and naglinis ng mga classroom,” ACT secretary-general Raymond Basilio said in a statement.

As cited by ACT, SEQuRe Education noted that as many as 94–96% of teachers felt that students were happy to return to face-to-face classes, and 86–96% found that their students were learning more than in distance learning.

But, they also found that the efforts to have limited face-to-face classes were “heavily decentralized and school-dependent”.

Basilio also noted that the non-teaching duties of educators have increased due to a need to conduct daily health checks on students and disinfections of classrooms, but the number of teachers is still too few to handle a reduced class size.

“We need at least one nurse per school and utility personnel to free our teachers from clinic and sanitation duties. We need to hire more teachers to give all learners a chance for in-classroom learning while still ensuring the implementation of health protocols by keeping the class size at 20 students,” said Basilio.

1 thought on “DepEd told to solve old problems to safely resume f2f classes”

  1. agree ako sa face to face
    wag na online kasi wala naman natutunan mga studynte ung iba nag naka online pero pagtinawag na left agad .. maganda din 20 to 25 pupils lang para tuktok sana this time baguhin ang grading system kawawa ung mga studyante napromote hindi pa ganun ka galing sa pag babasa lalo nasa junior high kung sa reading at comprehension mahina pa ..
    entrance exam at screening or bosy assessment ulet para ma lagyan ng remarks yung bata kung anu ba kailangan kung saan dapat tutukan ..

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