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Amazing! The increase in salaries gives teachers more energy to work

Amazing! The increase in salaries gives teachers more energy to work

The increase in salaries for teachers is the most recent subject for which BBM has expressed support. His maternal grandmother was a teacher, so he is concerned. Therefore, presumptive President Bongbong Marcos has a soft heart for teachers. He understood the teachers’ financial struggles in supporting their families. So for his service as the incoming president, his target is to give teachers an increase in salaries.

According to the presumptive President, BBM, he looked up to teachers as heroes. Teachers, like warriors, have a call to action. Their calling is to teach. It is neither a vocation nor a job. As he usually says, have you ever seen a millionaire teacher? “No,” of course. Teachers do not go into teaching to become millionaires. They sought to prepare the students for their future by teaching them. Is that correct? They preferred a teacher’s job.

Therefore, he said that “we must provide support.” We can see that teachers are required to execute a variety of tasks in addition to teaching. If their wages are insufficient, they borrow money from lenders. They’re already in debt and will be for the rest of their lives. As a result, we are not only assisting teachers financially. Teachers are simply expected to receive increase in salaries, greater benefits, and to do more for their families so that they can focus on their students rather than their families.

When their child is unwell, they shouldn’t be concerned about the doctor’s costs or running out of money to buy medicine. We’ll make sure that we consider the teachers’ needs. When I talk about teachers, I think I’m talking about the entire educational system. We need to make it work for distance learning. We must make significant improvements. The digital infrastructure plays a major role in this new normal. However, we must think beyond the pandemic and upgrade our educational system.

And the first component of it is the assistance we provide for teachers, which includes not just financial support but also help in terms of infrastructure, classrooms, school buildings, materials, school supplies, and equipment. It’s already 2022 if you look at how many regular public schools have computers. Many schools lack computer access. Many children are incapable of holding or operating a computer. They have a Game Boy and their parents’ smartphones, but they do not use computers. Computers are necessary, especially in the year of 2022.

When BBM went to various schools, he discovered that some of them were still using the Marcos school buildings up until this point. The Marcos school structures were constructed between 1967 and 1968. Schools that are 20 or 25 years old should be demolished and replaced. As a result, all facilities must be repaired. Teachers are compensated not just financially but also in terms of benefits and refresher courses.

So, public school teachers in the Philippines are grateful to have a president who cares about them. The Filipino teachers are quite hopeful that the increase in salaries will be realized this year in 2022. Because the increase in salaries for teachers is the most beneficial to their families, particularly if one or more family members are unwell. – Doki | Helpline PH

11 thoughts on “Amazing! The increase in salaries gives teachers more energy to work”

  1. Teresita V. Jumawan

    From the bottom of our hearts we thank you dear president Marcos . I haven’t made a mistake to choose you during election . Opo marami Po na sa Aming teachers Ang baon na sa loan para lang mairaos Ang pangangailangan Ng pamilya at sa edukasyon Ng Aming mga anak . Ramdam Po Namin Ang kahirapan kaya nagkandarapa Rin Maka sideline na ko ano ano binebenta para makatapos lang . Dining Ng panginoon Ang Aming dalangin . Okay ay destined na maging presidente sa tamang panahon . Praying πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Maria Estella J. Salondaguit

    5From the bottom of my heart I & my Family we thank you that you’re our Chosen President since then our Family voted Marcoses and Romouldezes since then not as we’re from Leyte our hearts belong to Romouldez and Marcos to choose our great Leaders in our country Philippines because we knew there are many projects had been done to our President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr., before and I’m hoping
    you will continue what he have done before and continue the projects to our President Rodrigo R. DUTERTE also.
    Our Family haven’t mistaken to choose you as President to our Country on this Election.
    Help teachers to aim high their salaries in thesesituation for having low salaries in
    profession. I will keep praying to include you in my prayers that the Lord will give you goodhealth
    and your administration have unity each other. πŸ™β€οΈ

  3. This could be a realization of our long agony. Rest assure in exchange for hearing the teachers battlecry in financial aspect, our commitment and passion for teaching will be doubled. Thank you very much! You are truly destined to be the heart and hope of every filipino

    1. To be honest my ATM is still in the lending at wala po akong sukli natatanggap… Pero ang aking pagtuturo ay buong buong at May pagmamahal sa mga bata kahit ako ay walang tinatanggap na sukli… Kaya laking tuwa ko at ng aking buong pamilya na mabibigyan kaming mga guro ng increase sa aming sweldo ng ating minamahan na President BBM… Dininig ng Poong Maykapal ang aming mga panalangin

  4. Caroline Urcia Cordero

    Thank you very much President BBM. This has been our long battlecry. I hope it will be realized the soonest possible time. We are working 24/7, 30days a month and no overtime pay at all. Still we are offering our services to our clientele without complains because this was our chosen profession which became our vocation because we are working for the benefit of our learners and not for ourselves. And one thing more we want our learners to become responsible and productive citizens of the country and be moulded as future leaders when their time comes. When you were elected President, our hearts jumped for joy and even cried because, we know you have a big heart for teachers and to the whole education sector. And not only that, you have mentioned all aspects in your platform of government and I salute you for that. We know you can make this nation great again. We dont believe on those “lie criticisms” against you because we know what your father has done for the Filipino people. He had deposited metric tons of gold for the whole people of the Philippine islands before he became the President of the Philippines. We are very thankful for that and we consider him a TRUE HERO. Because of his gold deposits, he can already save the whole world and our economy.

  5. Adelaida Inas Palattao

    Thank you πŸ™πŸ™mahal na pangulong Bongbong Marcos tunay kang makatao at makaDiyos patnubayan po kayo ng Panginoon at maipatupad ang magandang hangarin nyo sa ating bansa .Maraming,maraming salamatπŸ™πŸ™β€

  6. I hope hindi lang po teachers ang may increase sa sahod, sana pati din non teaching staff po Sir President BBM at sana pati benefits/ allowances, may benefits/allowances ang lahat. Hindi lng po mga guro lalo na po at mataas na ang bilihin ngayun. Para angat po lahat. God bless your administration Sir.

  7. Tama Ang mga teacher po nabaon Ng loan tulad ko.may apat po akong anak may dalawang college napo ako gusto Ng anak ko na mag apply Ng scholarship Kasi d kasya Ang net ko na 5k dahil sa loan ko, pero Hindi ito pinapayagan Kasi anak daw ngTeacher…Napakahirap talaga Ang sestima..Sana po may increase Na angTeacher at scholarship at sana Ang pag increase Ng salary grade base sa number of Teaching po. Hindi na po kasya Ang aming net sa pamilya…mag aral pang muli bago makuha Ang next level namin sa position….

  8. Thank you so much Mr President, napakalaking tulong po para sa amin ang salary increase po.uo nabaon talaga kami sa utang para maka survive po sa araw araw na pangangailangan. We are looking forward for that po. God bless u po

  9. Thank you po president BBM it’s our previlege to have you a leader of this poor country our hope and realization of this beautiful country relies in you, we’ve pray for your health and success of this needy county in the near future. Keep safe, stay healthy and strong po. GOD BLESS PO!!!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  10. God bless Resident BBM .Dalangin Namin naway pagkaloobam ka ng Panginoon Ng lakakasan at karungan para maisakatuparan Ang iyong magandang hangarin sa bansa.Akoy Isang bread winner Ng family madaming mga obligasyong Hinde nababayaran ganoon paman Ang aking tungkulin bilang Isang guro akin itong tinutupad Ng buong pagmamahal sa mga bata.Ang aming increase ay napakalaking bagay Po Maraming salamat Po!

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