Amazing! The increase in salaries gives teachers more energy to work

Amazing! The increase in salaries gives teachers more energy to work

The increase in salaries for teachers is the most recent subject for which BBM has expressed support. His maternal grandmother was a teacher, so he is concerned. Therefore, presumptive President Bongbong Marcos has a soft heart for teachers. He understood the teachers’ financial struggles in supporting their families. So for his service as the incoming president, his target is to give teachers an increase in salaries.


According to the presumptive President, BBM, he looked up to teachers as heroes. Teachers, like warriors, have a call to action. Their calling is to teach. It is neither a vocation nor a job. As he usually says, have you ever seen a millionaire teacher? “No,” of course. Teachers do not go into teaching to become millionaires. They sought to prepare the students for their future by teaching them. Is that correct? They preferred a teacher’s job.

Therefore, he said that “we must provide support.” We can see that teachers are required to execute a variety of tasks in addition to teaching. If their wages are insufficient, they borrow money from lenders. They’re already in debt and will be for the rest of their lives. As a result, we are not only assisting teachers financially. Teachers are simply expected to receive increase in salaries, greater benefits, and to do more for their families so that they can focus on their students rather than their families.

When their child is unwell, they shouldn’t be concerned about the doctor’s costs or running out of money to buy medicine. We’ll make sure that we consider the teachers’ needs. When I talk about teachers, I think I’m talking about the entire educational system. We need to make it work for distance learning. We must make significant improvements. The digital infrastructure plays a major role in this new normal. However, we must think beyond the pandemic and upgrade our educational system.

And the first component of it is the assistance we provide for teachers, which includes not just financial support but also help in terms of infrastructure, classrooms, school buildings, materials, school supplies, and equipment. It’s already 2022 if you look at how many regular public schools have computers. Many schools lack computer access. Many children are incapable of holding or operating a computer. They have a Game Boy and their parents’ smartphones, but they do not use computers. Computers are necessary, especially in the year of 2022.

When BBM went to various schools, he discovered that some of them were still using the Marcos school buildings up until this point. The Marcos school structures were constructed between 1967 and 1968. Schools that are 20 or 25 years old should be demolished and replaced. As a result, all facilities must be repaired. Teachers are compensated not just financially but also in terms of benefits and refresher courses.

So, public school teachers in the Philippines are grateful to have a president who cares about them. The Filipino teachers are quite hopeful that the increase in salaries will be realized this year in 2022. Because the increase in salaries for teachers is the most beneficial to their families, particularly if one or more family members are unwell. – Doki | Helpline PH