Story of a Teachers’ Real Life Financial Struggle

Story of a Teachers’ Real Life Financial Struggle

Financial struggle hits almost all people all around the globe. At least in every 100 population, 80% of it struggles a lot. If a profession can make you rich, then there should not be no more poor individuals. Most people nowadays are professionals but the problem with money is still clear.

We have different struggles. Teachers like me have many struggles too. We struggle a lot with our work but that’s okay since it is part of our job description. The truth is, I am a teacher and I am on my real life financial struggle.

It may be embarrassing to share this but this is the truth. I am still on my early 30’s yet I already have a lot of bank loans. Even my ATM is already pawned in a lending institution. I always come to think why I came this way. The only thing I can think of is “I am the breadwinner” and my salary is not enough for all the expenses. Trust me, I am not alone in this kind of situation. Almost 90% of the population of teachers in this country is struggling like me. Financial struggle is not new to our profession.

At night, before I sleep I always thought of ways to retrieve my ATM and pay off my loans so I could sleep well at night. Yet, it is so hard for me to pay off my loans immediately. Where will I get the money to pay it when my salary is not even enough? Our salary is stuck as it is yet the prices of commodities and bills are getting higher from time to time. The pandemic made it even worse.

People always think of us teachers to be abundant with everything. They expect that we have much money on our pockets but the truth is, we are poor. The only thing that keeps us going every month is when we renew our loans. The result is the never-ending interest multiplied in many years.

Financial struggle is not easy and it slows down our lives. As I am writing this article right now, I am also on the verge of thinking what to do next to pay off my bills. Financial management may be helpful for some people but it also depends. It is very easy to judge us on having loans yet you do not know what we are dealing with every day.

This is the reality that is embarrassing but is also a lesson to all the younger teachers. If you can read this and you think there is a way for you to avoid financial struggle, do it as soon as you can. Do not be brazen by the temptations of easy loan because the truth is you will enjoy now but will suffer later on.

If you need to get a loan, make sure it is for emergencies only. I tell you, the younger you have loans in your payslips, and the more difficult it is to pay it off when you want to. – Clea | Helpline PH