No teacher is a millionaire

No teacher is a millionaire

No teacher is a millionaire and that is the truth. Many of you who does not know the real deal with us teachers might think we have so much money with us. Most of you think that we are rich and we can have money anytime.

This is the misconception that people would think of teachers as long as I can remember. Well folks, here are the truths about us teachers that you may not know:

1. Teachers are not rich, instead they have so many loans the reasons why you think they always have money. Every time we need money, we try our luck in the banks and some lending institutions to cater our needs. We don’t have a choice for that. It is the truth in our profession. No teacher is a millionaire in this lifetime.

2. Most of us teachers are the breadwinners ion our families. We made sure that our families are well-fed so we budget our salary much bigger goes to the food for the family. So if ever you think we are rich because we can eat a proper meal, well your opinion about us is wrong. We don’t want our families to go hungry when that is only thing we can offer them.

3. Teachers will do everything to support the tuition of their children. We avail of loans to make sure that our children still go to school and finish college. Even the teachers whose husbands have a well-paying job have loans too. People are easy to judge a profession yet they don’t know what is going on inside.

4. Once teachers started to get a loan, it will never stop there. It will continue until the day of retirement when we pay our balance. Each day is hard for a teacher but they will have to get through it.

5. Yes, no teacher is a millionaire yet our millions are in the face of our students. The legacy we left behind and the lessons of life we left through as teachers. – Clea | Helpline PH