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Latest DepEd School Forms Template (Free Download)

DepEd School Forms

Reports and various forms will always be part of a teacher’s life. A percentage of teacher’s time is devoted to accomplish and comply necessary forms every school year.

What are these forms and what its purpose?

  • SF 1 or School Register   – It is considered as master list of class enrollment
  • SF 2 or Learner’s Daily Class Attendance- A form use to record attendance, absence, or tardiness of learners
  • SF 3 or Books Issued and Returned – It’s the list of books (by title) issue to/returned by learners
  • SF 4 or Summary Enrollment and Movement of Learners – A form use for enrollment count, transferred in/out and dropout by grade level
  • SF 5 or Report on Promotion – List of promoted/retained by class
  • SF 6 or Summary Report on Promotion – Number of promoted/retained by grade level (Summary of SF 5)
  • SF 7 or Inventory of School Personnel – List of school personnel with basic profile and teaching load/assignment
  • SF 8 or Learner Basic Health Profile – Per learner assessment of Body Mass Index
  • SF 9 or Learner Progress Report Card – Individual academic, behavioral and attendance report by quarter
  • SF 10 or Learner’s Permanent Academic Record – Individual academic record by quarter and formerly form 137

Department of Education revises and updates each forms from time to time. Teachers need to use latest forms. Below are links where you can download Latest DepEd School Forms Templates (SF 1-10) for free.

School Form 1 (SF1) – Download

School Form 2 (SF2) – Manual | Download, Automated | Download

School Form 3 (SF3) – Download

School Form 4 (SF4) – Download

School Form 5 (SF5) – Download, Kindergarten | Download 

School Form 6 (SF6) – Download

School Form 7 (SF7) – Download

School Form 8 (SF8) – Download

School Form 9 (SF9) – Elementary | Download, Secondary | Download, SHS | Download

School Form 10 (SF10) – Elementary | Download, Secondary | Download, SHS | Download

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