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10 proven ways to avoid voice hoarseness in teachers this face-to-face classes

10 proven ways to avoid voice hoarseness in teachers this face-to-face classes

Avoid voice hoarseness in teachers in 10 proven ways this face to face classes. Here are the tips we can give you to help ease your voice.

1. Water hydration

It is important to bring your own water bottle and drink fluid before, during and after lessons. You may take a sip of water in interval during your discussions. Full packed schedule is inevitable so you have to love your voice or else it will fade in a matter of half day. A four hours straight discussion can take away your voice anytime.

2. Be ready with over-the-counter medications

OTC medications such as lozenges or anti-histamines are helpful. In any case this will give you an immediate ease of voice.

3. Drink ginger ale for your throat

You can avoid voice hoarseness by drinking ginger ale. Ginger ale is good for your throat and can also remove gas in your stomach. It served double purpose in your body.

4. Learn to rest your voice if there is no need to use it

If your voice is not in demand, avoid talking. This is one help you can avoid voice hoarseness.

5. Avoid spicy food for the meantime.

Spicy food can spike hoarse voice so avoid it at all cost.

6. Humidifier in your classroom can help you.

Use of humidifier can avoid voice hoarseness in teachers. Humidifiers increase air moisture and will help you be at ease.

7. Don’t use your voice too long.

Using your voice in a straight 4 hours discussion is not helpful at all. Try to look for ways to make your learners busy themself with. This is one way to avoid voice hoarseness.

8. Limit the range of your voice.

Don’t shout during your discussions or else you will have no voice for days.

9. Be strategic in your lesson.

Strategy is important in delivering your lessons. Avoid voice hoarseness and be strategic.

10. Sleep early and rest well enough.

This is the most important to avoid voice hoarseness in teachers. Sleep early so you can rest your voice as well. – Avril | Helpline PH