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Top 6 traits of a teacher applicant that principals look for

Top 6 traits of a teacher applicant that principals look for

If you are a fresh LET passer and you apply for a teacher position in the government, you need to undergo ranking. This process is trues to all the teacher applicants nationwide.

If you are a teacher-applicant, you better be ready with all your positive traits and skills. You actually have to sell yourself in front of the panel that will assess you from the interview, demo and skills.

Here are the Top 6 Traits of a teacher applicant that principals are looking for:

1. Smart and Witty

Most principals doesn’t want their teachers to be the most intelligent one. They opt more on those who are smart ad witty in a sense. Principals realize that the most intelligent are the most rebellious ones. That is the reason why principals need those not intelligent but smart and witty.

2. Skillful and Talented

Schools need teachers who are skillful and talented. Teachers who have skills and talents cannot only teach but as well as are the role models. They tend to give hands-on training rather that the theory. They are the gems of the schools.

3. Obedient and Positive Thinker

Obedience is a virtue and not all teachers have this virtue within them. Sometimes, those seasoned teachers think high of themselves and neglect to obey. Principals need their teachers to think positive as well.

4. Flexible

Public schools doesn’t need teachers who are weak. Principals choose to have flexible teachers who can be someone during difficult times. Flexible to handle enough stress but not break.

5. Work oriented

The moist important thing of being a teacher is your devotion to your work. Principals need teachers who are work-oriented and never neglect their duty.

6. Professionalism

Principals need their teachers to stay away from chaos and gossips. Teachers should maintain their dignity and be professionals.

There are so many traits that teachers should always have. These mentioned are the most prevalent ones. It is not only the teachers who should behave well in their working stations but all the professions as well. – Clea | Helpline PH