6 traits of a Principal that each public school needs

6 traits of a Principal that each public school needs

Each public school has one principal that will post as the highest authority. The principal is the ruling authority that teachers will follow. A good principal is the prayer for all schools.

Here are the 6 traits of a principal that each public school needs.

1. God fearing

A school needs their principal to be a good servant of God. Teachers will then be relaxed to approach a leader that has faith in God.

2. Authority driven and a man with a word

All teachers need a principal with a word and will speak in behalf of his constituents. A principal should have authority within his school. Teachers will respect a principal if he shows that he leads by example. A school needs a principal who will bring the voice of his teachers to the higher authority.

3. Good listener

A principal should listen to the problems of his subordinates. He must hear the positive and negative comments of the teachers. He should know how to balance and he should be fair in his judgment.

4. Good leadership skills

Good leadership skills means to make the teachers respect each other in a certain school. This is the work of a principal. Without a good leader, everything will fall behind and the school is a mess. Without someone to lead them, teachers will fall apart and has lot of issues among themselves.

5. Resourceful

A principal should be resourceful in finding ways and means for the betterment of his school. He should not depend on the allotment from the region. Most of the time the budget takes longer to process so he needs to take responsibility to gather ideas. Income generating projects of the school is a big help.

6. Fair judge

A good principal listens to all issues must have fair judgment. There is no room for biases in a school. This will only create chaos so he needs to be firm and fair all the time.

These are the traits that teachers need from their principals. There are many principals with good standing but there are also those who fail. There is no such a perfect principal but at least there is a standard. Teachers don’t need a principal who only sits on their table without even doing something. – Clea | Helpline PH