Top 10 Fears of DepEd Teachers

Top 10 Fears of DepEd Teachers

Teachers are the source of courage and the epitome in the school. Students look up to them with greatness and motivation. Yet, teachers do also have their own fears and doubts when it comes to school matters.

Today, we will tackle the Top 10 Fears of DepEd Teachers that we rarely know.

1. Fear of the bulk of work if there is lesser manpower in the school.

With the current situation, most teachers are already bombarded with much work. Though they fear the bulk of work they have to carry, still they remain silent and accept the challenge. Indeed the pressure of the work may tire their body but the real life lessons will remain.

2. Fear for their general health.

Most teachers in general fear that their health may deteriorate. With the line of work they have, many will suffer chronic illness that will cost huge amount. The only key is to manage stress and maintain good health even under pressure.

3. Fear of any uncertainties at work.

There are many uncertainties at work that each educator will face right ahead. Sometimes, what they planned for may not be successful. They have to prepare themselves for what is to come.

4. Fear of any changes in the system of education.

Some changes may affect all teachers. Sometimes it may be beneficial and sometimes will be the opposite. Most of the time, teachers fear for their status/position.

5. Fear of getting bashed by others on social media.

Nowadays when the internet is reining the globe, gossips and scandals are in. Teachers fear involvement in one of these and be the center of the talk.

6. Fear of having students with difficult issues.

Yes, teachers do worry about their students a lot. The concerns of their students are also their concern.

7. Fear of too much expenses in school.

Teachers fear that there will be too much collection from any activities. These activities collect amounts and teachers are to abide to it. Not all schools have budget from the MOOE so possibilities include them to chip in amount of money.

8. Fear of getting involved in something bad/scandal.

The worst case scenario is getting involved in a scandal which can ruin one’s reputation. Teachers don’t want this to happen to them so they better behave.

9. Fear of change.

Life is a constant change but some changes aren’t that nice. Sometimes these changes will carry too much burden to every individual. Teachers fear this the most. Change will not be easy for them to accept.

10. Fear of not getting what they deserve for.

Teachers should receive credits for all the valuable days they render. Most of the time, they don’t get what they deserve. Merits are only for those near the ladle and those who work for it never receive the credit.

These fears are actually hidden by most teachers but are true in all aspects. Of course, it is their duty to remain compose in everything as what people expects from them. Only those with keener eyes see through their fears and pains. – Clea | Helpline PH