DepEd Needs To Change Their System for the Better

DepEd needs to change their system

Teachers in public schools are having hard times most especially at present. Even before this pandemic, the public school teachers of DepEd are already crying out.
Teachers need attention so bad so that they can express their opinions on the system they are in.
Teachers wish that somehow some of these systems will change and these are:
Hundreds of applicants wait for their turn in a very tiring ranking/hiring process. DepEd should drop their “division-wide” hiring process and instead re-construct it. They should at least give proper time to scrutinize and assess each applicant.

2. Mismatch in Specialization

An English teacher should teach English, not Filipino. This is usually the problem in most schools in the public. There is always a mismatch in the specialization of their teachers. It would be very practical if a teacher can teach well in her subject because she is well-versed in her field.

3. Transparency in the Budget

The budget should be very clear to all teachers. For some reason, they always told their teachers to do their best but when it comes to the budget, they fail to give it. It should always be available anytime there is a need for it.

4. Instructional Materials

Almost all teachers buy their own instructional materials. They are not provided by DepEd for it. Books should at least be present and updated. It is very sad to note that the simplest things are not provided.

5. Teacher’s Protection

Teachers worry about their safety from bully students. It is not only the students who need protection but as well as teachers. DepEd failed to protect their teachers from this. It’s always the students they look up to.
Why do teachers do the clerical works now? Isn’t it the work of the division office? Teachers are to teach, not become secretaries. It seems that teachers have to manage the bulk of reports for their upper heads to become very relaxed.

7. Compensation Issues

Teacher’s salary is always compared to other profession’s salary. It is very sad to note that a teacher’s basic salary is not even enough for one month’s expenses. Teachers are not well compensated, only those that are in the high ranks do enjoy their salaries well.
Why is it very hard for teachers in DepEd to get promoted? Promotion should be fair enough to all teachers regardless of their status. In-state colleges, promotions are real quick, but in DepEd, promotion sucks.

9. No Proper School Equipment

If you want quality education, then provide your teachers and your schools. The advancement of technology is already rampant and yet you are still in the stone age.

10. Teacher-Student Ratio

The ratio of the teachers to their students is extraordinary. Why not hire more teachers? Why save your budget when you can hire for more? You neglect to look at the side of your teachers.
Promote all the students even when he/she is not yet ready! This policy is the reason why students nowadays are big-headed. DepEd in the 1990s is better than DepEd today.

12. Unsure Health Protection for Teachers

Teachers are very pitiful when they are sick. GSIS and Philhealth can’t even help them out. They need to avail for loans to bed treated right away.
Blame teachers for every failure but when it’s a success, DepEd claims it.
Well then, it’s a matter of going with the flow but most of the time, teachers are always in a cave not even heard once.


Those mentioned above are some of the complaints of the teachers condensed altogether. Well then, it’s a matter of going with the flow but most of the time, teachers are always in a cave not even heard once.

This time, their wish will be for a better system that will support both the teacher and the student. Teachers are always positive and thankful for the blessing of work despite all. – Alec | Helpline PH