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Top 10 factors of the serious count of teen pregnancy in the public schools

Top 10 factors of the serious count of teen pregnancy in the public schools

The serious count of teen pregnancy in the public schools is still rising up to the present. It is never new to the eyes and ears of the community but it is a serious problem indeed.

Here are the top 10 factors of the serious count of teen pregnancy in the public schools:

1. Internet accessibility

This is the number one culprit of everything, yet we also need internet to go on with our workloads. The government should study how to limit the internet accessibility to the adults. More and more teens can assess different adult sites(porn sites). They can even download the contents without hassle. It is not only the male teens who dare to view these kinds of videos but the female teens as well. They try to mimic what the adult sites are doing which results to teen pregnancy. This is the number one culprit of the serious count of teen pregnancy in the public schools.

2. Parenting style

It comes to a point where we can compare the parenting style in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s where parents are stricter. Today, parenting styles are shaky. Even the parents add to the tension why most of their teens act other ways. There are many parents who separated from each other and create another family. This is illegal since the country doesn’t support divorce. The children are the number one victims of their own families.

3. Peer pressure

Most teens nowadays have circle of friends which they feel they belong. The pressure of being in a clique will always be present and one member’s actions will affect the other. For example, on teen has a boyfriend so she tells all the members to have boyfriends as well.

4. Child protection policy

The child protection policy adds up to the wound. Teachers can’t have disciplinary act in the schools fearing the loss of their job if they do so. Even the parents are not exempted from this policy. The students become more and more wild resulting to more problems.

5. Generation Z adaptations

Adapting the title given to them, these teens think they are the best in their field. More and more teens result to wild behaviors and think that what they do are pleasant to the eyes of the people.

6. Gadget as a source of past-time

Gadget is one culprit as well. The teens don’t have time to bond with their parents anymore because of the gadgets around. They tend to find love through the internet resulting to teen pregnancy.

7. Gender consciousness

The teens are aware of their genders and they most likely to be conscious at an early age. More teens get into relationships as early as 12 years old. The younger they are in the relationship, the wilder they become. Curiosity will follow after which will result to pregnancy.

8. Fashion and cosmetics

The beauty trend and fashion nowadays add up to the situation. Teens are more talented in putting up their make-ups and getting beautiful. They use cosmetics at an early age.

9. TV dramas and movies

TV stations do movies or dramas that are on the topics of seduction, break-ups, and etcetera. These TV programs somehow are also the villains why these teens become curious. They thought that the TV programs are good so they follow some gestures. Examples, TV stations have dramas about polygamy or “kabet”.

10. Low discipline rates

Discipline is very important as is a must in our community today. Parents should standardized disciplinary acts to lessen teen pregnancy in the public schools. – Clea | Helpline PH